Fitness on the Road: 5 Simple Ways to Dominate Your Next Trip
Mar 16 2015

Most fitness buffs will tell you that the key to success is consistency. For many people, maintaining a healthy workout and diet plan at home is a cinch. Unfortunately, one trip out of town can cause utter chaos.

You may eat differently, exercise differently (or not at all), and probably even sleep differently.

Without access to your gym membership, local Whole Foods

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20-Minute Morning Workout to Rev Up Your Metabolism
20-Minute Morning Workout to Rev Up Your Metabolism
Apr 18 2017
With spring finally here and the warm months of summer quickly approaching, it only makes sense that you’d be thinking about way

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6 Reasons Why the LUXX Bag Is The Best Travel Companion Ever
Jul 19 2016
By Tommy B. In other words, don’t uxxeave home without it. Travel -- one of the great pleasures of life that can quickly t

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21 Ways To Make Every Day A Masterpiece
Jul 14 2016
By Tommy B. If you've ever sat out to watch a sunrise, you feel the energy of a new day, a new opportunity, and a blank slate.

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How To Stay On Track During The Distractions Of Summer Fun
Jul 05 2016
By Tommy B. Ahhhh, summer -- warm weather, sandy beaches, and one too many cocktails. It's life, and it's bound to happen.

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Building Muscle on a Vegan Diet
Jun 28 2016
Many people have the misconception that meat = muscles. While chicken breast and other types of animal flesh are classic lean musc

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The TOTE Fitness Bag by LIVE WELL 360.
The Best Way to Pack Your Gym Bag
Jun 16 2016
We’ve all been there. You arrive to the gym ready to work out only to realize that you’ve forgotten a few key items. Maybe it

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