Fitness on the Road: 5 Simple Ways to Dominate Your Next Trip
Mar 16 2015

Most fitness buffs will tell you that the key to success is consistency. For many people, maintaining a healthy workout and diet plan at home is a cinch. Unfortunately, one trip out of town can cause utter chaos.

You may eat differently, exercise differently (or not at all), and probably even sleep differently.

Without access to your gym membership, local Whole Foods

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11 Confessions From A Personal Trainer
May 18 2016
By Tommy B. Trainers, coaches, fitness pro’s...its all the same thing. Like any industry, there are some unbelievable peop

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12 Healthy Habits to Pick Up at Work
May 11 2016
It’s easy to ignore your health while at work. Maybe you’re confined to a chair all day, parked in front of a phone or compute

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How to Get Yourself to Go to the Gym (When You Don’t Want To)
May 03 2016
Low on motivation? It happens to the best of us. While skipping today’s workout may have short-term benefits (a few extra hours

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The 411 on Hot Yoga
Apr 27 2016
By Brandy D. Yoga has a long, rich history, dating back more than 5,000 years. While various styles of yoga have come and gone

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26 Unconventional Ways To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life
Apr 22 2016
By Tommy B. Even the most dedicated of gym people likely only spend 5-6 hours a week in the gym doing physical training – and

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How to Push Past Any Weight Loss Plateau
Apr 20 2016
By Brandy D. You altered your diet and stepped-up your exercise regimen. Soon enough, fat started melting off. Months later, yo

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