Fitness Friday: 8 Min Core and Cardio Workout

Ambassador Tracy Campoli shows us a core and cardio combo workout to help you tone and and burn tons of calories in just 8 min.

In this week's Fitness Friday are going to be core and cardio combo. So it's really short. Just 8 minutes. This is a great little cycle for those times when your just so busy and you feel like absolutely no time to work out. You can go through this cycle one time. But for best result I recommend going through it 3 times so you get about 24-minute workout. It's definitely okay to break it up and do it in the morning, middle of the day and then you can do it in the evening. It all adds up. The most important thing is that you do it. For this workout you just gonna need one pair of light weights. You don't even need a yoga mat or exercises mat.You can use your sneakers. That's it. So let's get started.

8 Min Core and Cardio Workout

The Workout

  • Run in place (30 seconds)
  • Hop side-to-side (30 seconds)
  • Squat hold-down-back (30 seconds right arm down)
  • Squat hold-down-back (30 seconds left arm down)
  • Jumping Rope 2 In - 2 Out (30 seconds)
  • Hop Jacks (30 seconds)
  • Standing Knee Lift Crunch (30 seconds - left side)
  • Standing Knee Lift Crunch (30 seconds - right side)
  • Hop with a reach (30 seconds - left side)
  • Hop with a reach (30 seconds - right side)
  • Plea Elbow Side Down (30 seconds - left side)
  • Plea Elbow Side Down (30 seconds - right side)
  • Launch with a hop switch (30 seconds)
  • Hop side to side with reach(30 seconds)
  • Belly Round Pull in (30 seconds)
  • Ballerina arm pop side to side (30 seconds)
Thats it. You got it. I hope you're burning calories and that you're focussing on that core, getting you tight tone and feel like super confident.


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