Holiday Travel Total Body Workout

By LIVE WELL 360 Ambassador Amanda Russell maxresdefault-4The ultimate travel workout – now that we are right in the thick of the Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years Festivities, you likely either are traveling, having guests or just plain too busy/unfocused to even think about finding a gym. BUT this is the perfect workout to REV you up, burn a ton of calories, blast fat and tone you up, so come January 1 you won’t feel like you’re starting at your worst – ew, no one wants that! Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with little to no rest in between. One round takes 3 minutes. Then repeat 2-3 more times for a full body blaster! And let me know how it goes in the comment section below!
  • Lateral Lunge Jump
  • Chair Squat
  • Frog Jumps
  • Plank
  • Sumo Squat Jumps
  • Side Jump Ins/Outs
That’s IT! Did you live? Post your time below! How many rounds did you do?

About Live Well 360 Ambassador Amanda Russell

Amanda-Russell-1-150x150Amanda Russell is an athlete, fitness expert, and creator of the AR Program and the 14-Day Shape Up. She’s been featured in numerous fitness magazines as both a contributor and fitness model, including SELF, Runners World, Fitness, Redbook, and Women’s Health.


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