Top 10 Reasons To Exercise

Top 10 Reasons To Exercise: Why you should exercise in order to achieve not only your ideal body image, but also maximum health.

I get a twinge of sadness sometimes when I speak to people who tell me that they don't work out because they "can't" - it hurts their joints too much, or they ache for days afterward, their body physically fights their activity efforts. I feel sad because I don't think that they realize what a vicious cycle they have gotten into. Physical activity is an essential aspect of life. We are designed to move, be active - to USE our body. The human body is a machine, and just like any other machine, it starts to wear out and break down over time if it is not put to use on a daily basis. We were not meant to sit all day in a computer chair, only to get up, walk to our car, sit for the ride home, get up, walk to the house, and sit on the couch the rest of the night. You knew this already though. exercise-joke.jpg Isn’t it interesting that the level of obesity and chronic disease in this country continues to rise as our lifestyle becomes more and more sedentary? Our body is a gift if you think about it. A gift that we need to take care of, nurture, treat with respect.....not let it waste away before us. We need a reality check, as a society. We must realize that the more inactive we are, the harder it is going to be to get started being active again - of course! But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't do it. Once we get over that initial hump, the benefits far outweigh any negative. Below is a list of the top 10 reasons why you should feel inspired to get physical activity every single day. So get up, and get your booty movin'.

Top 10 Reasons To Exercise

  1. Burn Baby Burn - Consistent involvement in physical activity increases metabolism for the long haul. Think exponentially. You not only burn calories while you exercise, but for hours or even days afterward (especially after weight training).
  2. Manage Stress Better - Research has shown that people who take exercise breaks during the day at work are better able to cope with stress on the job and are less likely to feel depressed or sad overall.
  3. Prevent Diabetes - Daily exercise has a direct positive effect on insulin sensitivity, aiding in the prevention of diabetes and control of blood sugar levels.
  4. Sculpting Thy Muscles - It is possible to lose weight without exercise, yes, but think of how your body will look by losing weight without exercise versus how it would look with exercise. Let me rephrase that. Do you want muscle definition or flappy skin? Yes, I said flappy, you know like the sagging skin that hangs and droops. You don’t want that.
  5. Sleep Tight - Exercise aids in better sleep patterns. With regular physical exercise, you will experience a better, deeper sleep at night. Try to refrain from exercising within 2 hours of bedtime though so you are able to unwind before hitting the hay.
  6. Better Body Mechanics - Exercise helps to increase bone density, mobility, and promotes a better quality of life.
  7. Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer - Research has shown that exercise may help to lower a woman’s risk of breast cancer by 47 percent.
  8. Stonger Immune System - Regular exercise increases your body's ability to fight off free radicals, and helps you to sweat out toxins that can promote disease and infection.
  9. Stronger Back - More than 50 percent of women in their 30s suffer from lower back pain. This percentage soars to 70 percent during pregnancy. Strengthen the core through weight training and endurance exercise, and bingo, less chance of back pain/strain. Yoga and other core strengthening exercises like planks and back extensions are great for tools achieving this
  10. Better Sex - Do you need to read any further? Physical activity helps to send blood more efficiently throughout the body, making you respond more quickly to...triggers. Not to mention the fact that when you exercise, you just feel more confident about your body in general


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