Recipe: Warm Kale Salad with Dried Cranberries and Walnuts

Most people tend to think of salads as a summer food, but they don't have to be! There are some great recipes out there for warm salads. Yes, warm salads! Warm-Kale-Salad-427x641Kale seems to be everywhere, don't you think? This warm kale salad by A Food Centric Life looks good and is so good for you! We just had to share!


1 large bunch of kale 1 large shallot 2 teaspoons salt 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 large cloves of garlic minced a handful of dried cranberries a small handful of chopped walnuts 1 tablespoon Balsamic vinegar Salt and pepper, to season To get the rest of the recipe, and complete instructions on how to make this salad, head on over here. And, if you do make it, leave us a comment below to tell us what you thought! shop-now-blog-ad


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