I'm Dean Sheremet, and This is How I Work Out

Dean is a professional chef, competitive CrossFitter and a L1 CrossFit Trainer and his routine changes from week to week depending on what he's training for or who he is training. Dean became a professional dancer at 18 and started his career in LA performing in several national spots for Old Navy, Sony and Taco Bell. He’s also appeared in Six Feet Under, Not Another Teen Movie, MTV’s Undressed, and the Academy of Country Music Awards. In addition to advising his then wife LeAnn Rimes he wrote, choreographed and co-directed projects for Rimes, that earned him an ASCAP award for radio play on her hit song Nothing Better To Do. We caught up with Dean recently to find out how he works out.

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In my workout routine, there is always an element of Olympic or power lifting involved. I like to start out by getting under some heavy weight and then finishing with high intensity metabolic conditioning. Don’t forget about nutrition! You need to eat the right foods that will power you through your fitness goals.

A week of training may look something like this: Monday
  • Strength: Heavy squats working up to a heavy single or triple over the course of about 8 sets
  • METCON: Rowing 500x5 1:1 work to rest
  • Strength: Alternating every set Pendlay Row 4x10, Farmers carry 85# dumbells for 100ft x4, Single arm dumbbell row with farmers carry weight
  • METCON: 21-15-9 Box jump-overs, Russian Kettlebell swings (24k) Double unders
  • Endurance work: 30 on 30 off for 40 minutes
  • Air Assault bike, toes to bar, box jumps, walking lunges, Burpees
  • Rest day
  • Olympic lifting: Snatch work
  • Every 2 minutes for 15 min 2 snatches working up to 75-80% of 1 rep max
  • METCON15 12 6 run 400m, Overhead squat at 95#
  • Strength: Romanian deadlift with a deficit, Bench Press x5 sets depending how I feel
  • Rest
My goals right now are strength and power so lots of heavy lifting and powerful movements. Variety is critical but if strength is your goal, your programming must involve some variation of heavy strength movements ie: Squat, clean, deadlift and snatch. Just like diet the only programming that works is the one you will stick to. Now go out and get your sweat on.

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A Little More About Dean Chef Dean Sheremet has been cooking since he can remember, having been raised by his grandmother – a professional pastry chef in Detroit. Sheremet moved to New York City to return to his culinary roots. Upon graduating at the top of his class from the French Culinary Institute, he joined the kitchen of celeb hotspot Nobu 57. Following his time at Nobu, Sheremet earned a spot in one of the most coveted kitchens in the world at Jean Georges, where he refined his techniques in the fast-paced world of a 3- star Michelin kitchen. He’s a hosting regular, having appeared on Access Hollywood, CBS The Talk, Fox’s Good Day LA, and Hallmark Channel’s Emmy-nominated talk show Home and Family; he also contributes to Cosmopolitan, SheKnows Media, US Weekly, InTouch, Foodily and The Daily Meal. In addition to cooking and hosting, Dean is a competitive CrossFitter and L1 Certified trainer. Most notably, Dean is very proud of his role as a Chef Partner and healthy living advocate for Wellness in The Schools, part of Michelle Obama’s Chefs Move to Schools initiative. He currently resides in New York City with his wife, fashion and beauty photographer, Sarah Silver, and their dog, Jude.


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