Catch A Sneak Peek: Fleece Lined Pocket and Signature Liner

Over the next two weeks we are going to be highlighting some of the many innovative features and benefits that make the Live Well 360 Core different from any other fitness bag that you’ve ever owned.

First up… the fleece lined interior pocket, protector of your “scratchables,” and our signature liner, custom designed to inspire you each and every day.

Fleece Lined Pocket

One of four interior pockets, created especially for keeping your watch, jewelry, and/or glasses safe and secure. Gone are the days of your glasses or watch getting scratched while you are off getting your sweat on, or finding your jewelry in a tangle in the bottom corner of your bag. Boo…

Signature Liner

Our custom Live Well 360 liner offers a combination of words and phrases designed to help you to live a life that is fun, healthy, and inspired. It is a fresh reminder to be awesome and live each day to the max! More sneak peeks to come! You might also like:


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