10 Gifts You Must Carry In and With Your Accel Bag

10 Gifts You Must Carry In and With Your Accel Bag

We love gifts and what is better than getting gifts?! Giving them!! There are so many amazing fitness products out there that would be great as a gift for someone who loves fitness! And all of our gifts fit in the Accel Bag, which is an amazing gift in of itself! So we have the top 10 gifts you must carry in your Accel bag!

1. Joseph Joseph Dot Hydration Tracker Water Bottle

Who forgets to drink water throughout the day?! We know we do! And what a better way to stay on track than with a water bottle that tracks how much water you have had! It is a perfect gift for someone who loves being healthy and fit because they get to make sure they are staying on track to reach their hydration goals. The water bottle comes in a variety of different colors, and they only cost 12 dollars! The best part is they are perfect for travel and don’t spill! So they are perfect to carry in the Accel bag!

2. Manduka Hand Towel

We all have been in that group fitness class or workout that was super hard, and we were all sweaty. In that situation, we would do anything for a towel, but we didn’t have one. Well, now you never have to worry about being too sweaty! Whether you are working out at the gym or outside the Manduka Hand Towel is the perfect gift to give someone. We all sweat especially when we work out, so what a great gift to give someone who loves working out. This is the perfect size gift, useful, and perfectly fits in our Accel Bag. The Accel Bag is the perfect bag to hold gifts and even give as a gift! We know we would love receiving both the hand towel and the Accel Bag!

3. Acumobility Ball

Know someone who is always really sore or super tense from knots after working out?! Well we have the best gift idea for them that is portable too! It’s the Acumobility Ball! This is similar to the idea of a lacrosse ball, but even better! They are flat on the bottom so they don’t move when you are doing trigger point to release a tight muscle. They also come in two different levels, level 1 and level 2. Level 1 is more for the beginner who hasn’t gotten used to the feeling of them. Level 2 is a little bit more pressure and perfect for those who have been doing trigger point for a while or have a spot that is too deep to get. They also are so small you can throw hundreds of them into your Accel Bag, the perfect small gift to have whenever you are at the gym. You never know when you will want to give them the perfect gift of mobility!

4. Liforme the Yoga Mat

Every Yogi needs a new yoga mat every so often and Liforme makes amazing, high quality yoga mats! They are perfect for the yogi or someone just starting with their fitness journey. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, which means you will definitely find the perfect one to give as a gift. And another great thing is you can roll them up and throw them in your bag! The Accel Bag has enough space to throw that yoga mat in!

5. Dr. Cool Ice Wrap

Do you ever feel like you are in so much pain or sore from working out and wish you could have an ice pack to help with the pain?! We have the best thing for you! The Dr. Cool Ice Wrap is a perfect recovery gift for someone who is super sore or just working hard in the gym! It helps relieve muscle pain and compresses which is great if you have a small injury. And you can throw them in your bag, perfect to give as a gift to someone who is injured or is sore at the gym!

6. Survival and Cross Jump Rope

Jump Ropes are perfect to use to warm up for your workout or even for your cardio session! And they are a perfect gift for someone who wants to try something new or change their current cardio session. Any brand will do and most fitness companies now sell some sort of jump rope, so you can find them anywhere. Of the many brands, we like Survival and Cross' rope. It is just 10 dollars, but it's also the top-selling rope on Amazon with thousands of great reviews. Buy a few and throw them in your Accel Bag to have on hand. You never know when you can give someone a new kind of workout!

7. Orgain Protein Powder

Protein Powder is a great post workout snack, as it provides protein for your muscles, which they really need post-workout. And there are so many different brands and flavors to choose from it can be overwhelming. Protein Powder can also be used to make protein muffins and protein pancakes, yum!! A great gift can be protein powder, or even make a dessert from the protein powder. The best part is that you can buy smaller portions of protein powder, so that you can always have protein powder in your gym bag. You never know when you or someone else will need some protein! Try some from Orgain, which is on Amazon for just $22.20.

8. Apple Watch Series 3

A smartwatch is a great gift, especially for a runner! They can track their distance, speed, and heart rate, which all are super important in their run and competition. The other amazing thing is they can help you track how much exercise you are getting each and every day. It is an honest way to keep you on track. Tracking your heart rate is the other really interesting thing. With a smartwatch, you can see how intense tour workouts actually are compared to how they feel! They are perfectly small enough to fit in your gym bag, or just wear around your wrist! They are the perfect gift to give someone who loves working out, they will love their new present! The Apple Watch Series 3 is a great gift for all athletes to use!

9. Synergee Mini Bands

It is super popular now to use mini bands in most workouts and exercises, so why not gift mini bans to a friend! They are perfect for travel so if you have a friend who travels a lot, but still wants to workout these are the perfect gift! They are small and portable and come indifferent colors and resistances. You can perfectly fit several of them in the Accel Bag, which is perfect for travel too!

10. BlenderBottle

And last but definitely not least is a BlenderBottle! So you’ve given someone protein powder, but they don’t have a shaker to mix it at the gym! The blender bottle is the perfect bottle for that! It is portable and cute, and mixes protein powders perfectly for the gym. It is perfect for someone on the go who doesn’t have time to be bothered, and just wants to get his or her protein in quick! (* * *) That’s all of our top 10 gifts to have in your Accel Bag! The great thing about the Accel Bag is that it can hold so much stuff, and is so versatile. We included water bottles, protein powders, and even jump ropes! Don’t forget that you can fit everything in your gym bag! So next time you see someone at the gym in need of one of your gifts, you can grab it from your bag and gift it to them! There are so many amazing products in fitness and health so always is on the lookout for the next coolest water bottle! We hope you gift someone one of our top 10 presents, or maybe even the Accel Bag!

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