3 Simple Steps to Building a Lifestyle of Health and Fitness

When you approach health and fitness in this way, it really does just become your lifestyle, part of who you are. But when you aren't already living this type of lifestyle, it can seem somewhat daunting to try to figure out how to start. Never fear! We've got a few quick and easy steps for getting yourself set up for the lifestyle of health and fitness, so that you can begin to live well 360 (aka live well in everyday) today!

3 Simple Steps to Building a Lifestyle of Health and Fitness

1. Take the first baby step

One step is all it takes to begin shifting your habits of behavior so that you start heading in the direction that supports a healthier lifestyle rather than hinders it. People often think they have to go from A to Z overnight, otherwise they are a health and fitness failure. Um, no that's not how it works. It's actually quite the opposite. When you try to make tons of changes all at once, that's the QUICKEST way to sabotage your long-term success. Just take one step. Make one change. Let it sink in, and go from there.

2. Practice consistency

Consistency is the key to changing habits. And consistency is something that needs to be practiced. It takes effort to change the way you do things and this is why consistency is something that you "practice" because you didn't develop the way you've been doing things overnight, it took time, right? So, now it's going to take some time to change. It doesn't have to take A LOT of time, it only takes focus and the more committed you are to practicing new, healthier behaviors, the faster you'll begin seeing the results showing up in your body and in your life. For example, lots of people say they don't have time to workout. Oftentimes we suggest to those folks that it might be a good idea to get up earlier and schedule their workout first thing in the AM. That way they can start their day with a great sweat and feel good about themselves all day long because they accomplished the goal of getting in a workout. "But it's hard to get up earlier in the morning to workout!!" … you might say, but not really. It's only hard because you haven't practiced doing it. The first step is packing your super sweet gym bag the night before, setting your alarm, and committing to doing it once. Then you do it again. And again. Now it's becoming part of your routine. Now you start seeing results, i.e. you feel more energized at work, you are more likely to choose healthy foods throughout the day, you are feeling good about yourself and you're ability to workout first thing in the morning, and AHA… your body is showing you the results too! Several weeks go by of this "practicing" of getting up early to workout and suddenly you realize it's become just part of who you are and what you do.

3. Surround yourself with things that make fitness fun

Once health and fitness starts to become a normal part of who you are and what you do, you begin to realize how important it is to surround yourself with people and things that support this lifestyle. Being this healthy fit person becomes something that you wear as a badge of honor because of the pride that you've built from changing your old ways of doing things into this new, more empowered lifestyle. You start to be pickier about who you spend your time with because after all, it's fun to be around other people who think like you do (and lift you up vs pull you down). You start to be pickier about what you consume, i.e. the food you eat, the TV shows and movies you watch, the blogs, books, and magazines you read. At this point, you're beginning to get so psyched about living this new, fun, empowered lifestyle that you want to spend your time learning more and more about how to take it even further. And you start really making conscious decisions to support yourself in this lifestyle with things that make it easier and more fun! You want the best tools, the best resources, and the best gear you can get. This is actually the story behind how the Live Well 360 line of fitness bags came about. We were in this exact spot and realized that we could never find the gym bag that had everything we needed… so we made it. Being picky about the lifestyle of health and fitness is a great thing, because it means that you take it seriously and it's a priority for you.We are picky about the things we care most about. In our next blog post we're going to talk about ways to remind yourself of your commitment to building a lifestyle of health and fitness and how to remind yourself to practice your new habits and ways of thinking every day.
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