3 Tips on Being Committed to Your Fitness

3 Tips on Being Committed to Your Fitness

To commit means to promise. When you are committed to your health and fitness plan, you are essentially making a promise to yourself, to take good care of you. You are telling yourself that YOU matter, your health matters. After all, if you don’t have your health… what do you have? So, in honor of building a lifestyle of health and fitness, here’s our top 3 tips for how to commit to making your fitness a priority.

3 Tips on Being Committed to Your Fitness

1. Build the structure

When you are first starting out building new habits, you have to set up certain structures so that you stay on track. Kinda like bumper rails at those go-kart tracks. If you don’t have those bumpers in place to guide you along the track, then the probability of driving off into the bushes is pretty high, especially if you’ve never driven a go-kart before. The same is true for practicing new habits. You need constant reminders! One great way to do this is to calendar every workout for the next 3 months, and create alerts so that you’ll get audible and visual reminders on your computer or phone.

2. Create a mantra

Words are powerful. (Florence Scovel Shinn wrote a book called, Your Word is Your Wand, which we highly recommend.) Creating a “mantra” may sound cheesy, but it works! Ask anyone who has been successful at anything, and they will tell you that they had to believe it before they could achieve it. If you don’t believe you can achieve something, then how likely are you going to be committed to doing what it takes to get there? We are big fans of writing and saying affirmations. Write out what you want to believe and what you want to achieve in an affirmation format. You can learn more about writing affirmations in our blog post, The Power of Positive Affirmations. Use sticky notes to post your affirmations everywhere. Say them out loud. Say them out loud while looking at yourself in the eyes in the mirror (major bonus points for this one). Put little reminders into your calendar on your computer so they pop up and remind you throughout the day what your intentions are and who you are committed to becoming.

3. Declare through your actions

Declare your commitment through deliberate inspired action. What types of things can you do right now to show yourself, and if you are a spiritual person, to show God (the Universe, Source, etc) your commitment to being healthy and fit? This idea is a bit like tithing (give to receive) in a sense, but you are tithing toward yourself through your time, attention, and resources, showing yourself that your fitness is important. Examples include things like:
  • Investing in working with that trainer you’ve been wanting to work with.
  • Signing up for that yoga class package you’ve been yearning over.
  • Scheduling a massage once a month no matter what.
  • Or even something as simple as getting yourself a new workout outfit, a new gym bag that kicks butt like the Luxx
  • Or maybe even something a bit smaller. Something super personal and unique, that declares your commitment in a powerful way.
What’s one way that you commit to your fitness? Tell us in the comment section below.
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