5 Powerful Tips to Burn Fat Faster During Your Workout

5 Powerful Tips to Burn Fat Faster During Your Workout

Most of us desire a toned, trim physique, but don’t have the time or energy to work out as much as we’d like. If your exercise time is limited, it’s crucial to maximize your burn fat faster to its potential.
Whether you feel guilty about downing a pint of ice cream, or simply want to lose excess fat before sporting a bikini this summer, you’ll need to find effective ways to burn fat faster during your workouts. Here’s a few tips to get you started.
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If you’re not taking short breaks during your exercise sessions, you’re likely not burning as much excess fat as you could be. Research shows that implementing breaks during a workout is more beneficial than one continuous workout. In a study that compared the fat metabolism between a single session of prolonged exercise versus repeated bouts of exercise, repeated bouts of exercise were found to cause enhanced fat metabolism. Why you ask? When you take short breaks throughout the duration of your workout, there is an increase in lipolysis, otherwise known as fat breakdown. This increased lipolysis is believed to be caused by a lower level of insulin and a higher level of epinephrine that occurs when working out. To maximize the results of your workouts, keep your breaks brief. Opt for a 30 to 90 second resting time between sets.
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When you always work out in the gym, your body adapts to your surroundings. To challenge your body, switch up your exercise sessions between indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition to working out in comfort in your air-conditioned home or gym, opt for an outside adventure where you’ll be met with real terrain. When you change your environment, you force your body to adapt, which means more fat burned.
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You may believe that exercising more can give you faster results. While this is sometimes true, there’s no need to risk injury and burnout by spending too many hours working out. That’s where supersets come into play. When it comes to supersets, less is more. A superset consists of performing one set of exercise, followed directly with another set of exercise. After a superset, there is a recovery time of 60 to 90 seconds. Most common types of supersets include:
  • Pre-Exhaustion Supersets: For this type of superset, you complete an isolation exercise directly before a compound exercise for the same body part. For example, leg extensions followed by squats.
  • Post-Exhaustion Supersets: With a post-exhaustion superset, you perform two exercises for a single muscle group back-to-back, with limited rest in-between sets. For example, squats followed by leg extensions.
  • Compound Supersets: A compound superset involves two exercises performed without rest, all targeting the same area of body. For example, bench press followed by incline bench press.
  • Isolation Supersets: Isolation supersets combine two isolation exercises with the goal to target a single muscle group. For example, barbell curls followed by hammer curls.
  • Staggered Supersets: For staggered supersets, you complete an exercise for a different muscle between each set. For example, bench press followed by calf raises.
The back-to-back performance of two exercise sets is most effective when you choose to workout opposing muscle groups. Supersets provide duel benefits, including a more powerful workout that burns fat fast, as well as a workout routine that you can complete in a fraction of the time of a regular workout. Supersets will also give your metabolism a boost, allowing you to more easily burn excess calories during the remainder of the day.
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Everyone knows that water is essential to survival, but most are not aware of its fat-burning properties. Research shows that water consumption increases the rate at which people burn calories. Water not only help suppresses your appetite and prevents overeating, it can also help you maintain your current weight or even lose weight. As water contains zero calories, it’s also a great substitute for soda, juice, and coffee. Up your body’s ability to burn fat faster by drinking ice cold water. When you drink an icy cold beverage, extra fat calories are burned as your body attempts to bring the liquid down to your normal body temperature. For every 16 ounce glass of ice cold water you drink, you burn an average of 15 calories. If you drink a recommended eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, you can shed mega calories without much effort.
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Changing up the pace of your workouts is an excellent way to keep your exercise sessions fun and effective. It also helps you burn fast faster. To enhance the power of your workout, alternate between fast-paced aerobic exercises and more intense unsustainable cardio in short bursts. Complete four minutes of a fast-paced aerobic exercise, such as jogging, followed by one minute of intense cardio, such as running at full speed.


As humans, we’re always tempted to find the best and fastest ways to burn fat faster and get fit. While there are many shortcuts that allow us to reach our designated weight loss goals faster, becoming healthier still requires motivation, determination, and the urge to succeed. With your eye on the prize, these fat burning tricks will help you reach your target body weight in record time.
What else do you do to make your workouts more efficient?
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