A Complete Guide to Buying a Fashionable and Sturdy Gym Tote Bags for Women

You can’t buy the perfect womens gym tote by looking at one criterium on its own. There is a whole list of features that gym bag needs to make it as fashionable and functional as it needs to be. Here’s a quick guide to finding the right one.

The perfect gym tote has the perfect features for you

Gym Tote Bags for Women

The perfect gym bag is one that has a place for everything you need to take with you for your workout. Remember, one women’s gym tote doesn’t fit all women. Choose the features that work best for your workout and lifestyle needs. For instance, is yoga your preferred activity? Make sure your small gym bag has a place to stow your yoga mat. Is hockey more your thing? You need a bag that has enough room for all your gear. Do you go to the gym right after work or class? You don’t want to have to carry two bags, so make sure there is a separate and secure compartment in the bag for your laptop, notes, and other documents. Other features to look for include:

• separate, easy-access pockets for gym shoes and laundry

• small fleece-lined pockets for your glasses and jewelry

• a secure but easy-to-find place for your keys, wallet, phone and other fast-access items

• water bottle pockets

The quality of fabric can’t be beat

Once you have all the features you need to properly stow all your belongings, you need to look at the fabric. This is a women’s gym tote, so as stylish and cute as the design is, you also need to make sure the fabric is the right quality. Your gym bag should be:

• durable enough to stand up to its use (especially if it’s going to carry any heavier equipment on the regular)

• reinforced where it needs to be

• lightweight enough to carry around (especially if it needs to go on your hikes with you)

• fitted with comfortable, padded, adjustable shoulder straps

• water and odor resistant

• and easy to clean.

For instance, The Tote is made from lightweight top-grade ballistic nylon (so it’s durable, easy to clean, and light to carry), and it is also reinforced by durable metal hardware with premium padded shoulder straps.


Once you have the right features to keep you organized and the quality to keep your belongings safe, easy to stow, and easy to carry, you can start to think about style. You don’t just want any ordinary gym bag you want a women’s gym tote that looks trendy enough to carry with you anywhere. Practicality doesn’t mean you have to skimp on fashion, after all.

Thinking that checklist is going to be hard to check off? Think again

Don’t worry at Live Well 360, we have your workout covered. We’re dedicated to making sure your workout goals are as easy to reach as possible by designing women’s gym totes that check all the boxes. If you are looking for style, quality, and substance—and a gym tote that will make your peers green with envy—then take a look at our line of stylish, high-quality gym bags. Whether you like the fun and functional look of the Tote or prefer the handbag-chic aesthetic of the Accel, we have the women’s gym tote that will help you lead the revolution in tote fashion at your gym.

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