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A Helpful Guide for Buying Your Favorite Gym Tote Bag

Choices, choices. You’ve decided to get active and start sticking to a gym routine. This means not only getting used to stretching and exercises, but it also means stocking up on the appropriate gear, which can be an even bigger hassle than breaking into being active. What gear you choose depends on what your routine is and how often you do it, and what gym tote bag you’ll need. Picking an appropriate gym tote bag isn’t always a simple process. You want a gym tote bag that you can sling over your shoulder or carry proudly to satisfy all your portability needs. If you’re confused about where to start and what to look for in your new favorite gym tote bag, a simple guide can help you make the right decision.gym tote bag Guide for What to Look for in a Gym Tote Bag Size The first thing that sticks out with the variety of gym tote bags available is the difference in size. This helps you make more economical choices if your gear carrying needs are minimal. If you simply carry ankle braces, sweat bands, or garments like socks and sports bras, a compact gym tote bag is what will fill your needs and save you cash. This isn’t always feasible, though. Some activities require a medium- or large-sized gym tote bag—like when you need to carry small dumbbells, arm weights, a change of shoes, bottles of shower products, and cloths and towels. In this case, more is definitely better. Type Gym tote bags are definitely not made the same. They come in varying shapes and sizes that are suited to certain activities. If you’re going the economical route, a simple sling-over gym tote bag will do. Itis light, portable, and it easily fits on your shoulder to carry around your few accessories without being a painful burden. For the more intense athletes, a duffel-style gym tote bag is probably the way to go. These will be suited to those who do field and arena activities, like lacrosse or hockey, where protective gear and sticks tend to take up more space. These gym tote bags come equipped with long straps that can be slung sash-style across the upper body. Pockets Another consideration for people who heavily accessorize is where they’re going to put all their stuff! When hitting the showers after an intense workout, you don’t want to keep your heart rate monitor or FitBit in your old, dirty clothes, and you certainly don’t want to take them into the shower with you. But you don’t want to throw them willy-nilly into your gym tote bag, either. This is where you can choose compartment options to suit your needs. You may want more pockets to store your cellphone, pocketbook, tablet, wrist monitors, makeup, or small sweatbands, all of which you don’t want coming in contact with each other in your gym tote bag where they could get scratched or marked. Style Finally, your favorite gym tote bag should reflect your tastes. You can choose gym tote bags from a number of different materials, makes, and colors to help you stand out and express your unique taste, all while making sure that your stuff is protected. Where to Get Your New Favorite Gym Tote Bag If you’re ready for your feet to hit the ground running and you need a reliable, stylish gym tote bag, look no further than Live Well 360 for the best in style, selection, and price.
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