A Yoga Exercise Mat Bag Really Should Be Huge and Secure

Size and Security

You’re on the go 24/7. You need a yoga mat bag that will suit your busy lifestyle, something you can just grab and go.

A yoga exercise mat bag really should be huge and secure, offering you ample space to store your gym clothes, yoga mat, toiletries, and valuable personal items, such as your watch, wallet, keys and phone. A yoga exercise mat bag should also allow you to store these items safely and securely.

Yoga Mat Bag

Our yoga mat bags are designed for the woman on the go and her busy schedule. Our bags offer customizable compartment options, with quick-release yoga mat and jacket attachments, so that you can easily carry everything you need to hit up the mat, the gym, the studio or the track. The design is chic and stylish, perfect for the no fuss but fashionable woman.


When you buy one of our yoga mat bags, you’re buying style, convenience, and quality. Crafted from lightweight top-grade ballistic nylon and reinforced by durable metal hardware, our yoga mat bags are designed for comfort and ease, but not at the expense of quality. A yoga exercise mat bag must be large and secure enough to hold all your items conveniently and securely, and it should also withstand the test of time. You need a bag that works just as hard as you do, one that will withstand daily wear and tear, and be ready when you are.

We’ve designed our yoga mat bags with your specific needs in mind. There’s an adjustable interior compartment for customized organization, and multiple interior zip pockets to help keep your valuable items secure. We’ve also added extra padding to the zip compartment for your Kindle, iPad or books. Our yoga mat bags are made with premium materials and to the highest of quality standards, so that you’ll never have to worry about your bag letting you down.

Travel Ready

We know how busy your schedule is, and how important it is for you to be travel ready. Whether you’re headed to yoga from work or school, meeting friends or taking care of loved ones, our yoga mat bags are always ready when you are.

The modern woman works hard and plays hard. We know how important it is to take time for yourself to breathe, stretch, and stay active. With our yoga exercise mat bags, you’ll have everything you need at all times to head to the studio or gym without any extra hassle or stress. Take the time you deserve to breathe deeply, and care for your body, spirit and mind.

Our yoga exercise mat bags are the perfect fit for your active lifestyle. Visit us online to see our quality products today.

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