I'm Amanda Russell, and This is How I Workout

I'm Amanda Russell, and This is How I Workout

Amanda Russell is a powerhouse in the health and fitness industry. So, it's no surprise that when we caught up with her recently and asked her to share with us how she works out that she was already more than prepared. Amanda has been a part of the LIVE WELL 360 family for quite some time and we've always admired her work in the industry. As if it were divine timing, when we reached out to Amanda, she had just finished putting together a fantastic workout calendar for the month of December to help you stay in shape and take the overwhelm out of your workouts. Today, we share that with you.

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Hi, I'm Amanda! I believe that fitness is a catalyst for positive change in your life and truly affects EVERY aspect of your being, from your confidence and daily outlook, to your personal and professional relationships, your career, your reactions and beyond. I love people, relationships, and getting inside the human head to find out what “IT” is that motivates us. What motivates you? I am here to help you every step of the way. It’s all about YOU and your journey –and I can give you the tools to help you get there! It is my life purpose is to help women raise the bar on the standard they have of their lives and to create a whole new paradigm for how women see and experience Fitness. Ladies, The Standard has just been raised on being Fit, Fashionable and Oh So Fabulous! So, when LIVE WELL 360 reached out to ask me to share my daily workout plan, I thought the holidays were a perfect time to focus on as many of us can drop off of our typical workout plan at this time of year. I've put together a free, downloadable calendar that you can use to point yourself in the right direction this holiday season. Here's a preview and you can head on over to my blog to download it for free! Screenshot 2015-12-08 13.24.31
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