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Five Ways to Avoid Falling Into a Thanksgiving Food Coma

It’s that time of year again, time for food and holidays with the family! And the first holiday on the list is Thanksgiving. Can you believe Thanksgiving is already here?! We know the best part of Thanksgiving is the food, but sometimes what we eat and how much we eat can affect our energy level. We’ve got the top 5 ways to combat that Thanksgiving food coma, which we all are trying to avoid!

Portion Control

It can be so hard around the holidays to keep up with eating well! But the best thing that can help combat your Thanksgiving food coma is controlling how much you eat! So instead of getting another plate of food try to stick to one. The more you focus on portion control it will help you feel less full and still have the energy to not fall asleep. And the easiest way to do that is just by sticking to only one plate of food. This makes sure you are staying on track with your goals and also doesn’t require you to portion out your foods; it gives you an idea of how much to eat. Then you can focus on actually enjoying your food and having fun!

Eat as lean and clean as possible

Try swapping out some of the typical Thanksgiving foods for healthier options! Why not try a vegan option or just having some lean turkey, sweet potatoes, and salad. There are always healthy options at Thanksgiving just make sure you look out for them or bring them yourself. This will help to make sure you are staying energized with healthy, good food. We also know how hard it can be to avoid the dessert at the end of the meal, but if you can swap out the apple pie for some fruit you will feel so much better. And you'll be less likely to actually get into a food coma!

Workout in the Morning

Why not trying working out in the morning?! You will have so much energy to start your day as well as, maintain that energy all throughout the day! You will definitely not feel tired by the end of the night. And the other great thing is you won’t have to miss your workout by doing it in the A.M.! And you won’t even think about working out because you will be done with it early in the morning. That leaves you the entire day to focus on spending time with your family.

Don’t drink or limit drinks

Another thing that makes falling asleep easy is drinking a lot of alcohol. Why not try drinking more water instead. Swap out your alcoholic drink for something else or at least try to limit yourself to the glasses you will have. Wine especially can bring on exhaustion and food comas so try to limit yourself to one glass of wine or swap it out for something else like a cocktail or non-alcoholic drink. The best drink option to keep you going all day is water, as it gives you energy and won’t make you sleepy at all!

Stay Hydrated all day

When you are drinking sometimes you can get tired so an easy way to keep yourself going is staying hydrated! Water will keep you feeling better and also keep you awake.

Water is refreshing and just all around the best thing to drink especially when maybe you aren’t eating as well as you should, or if you are low on energy. They even say that starting out your morning with one 16-ounce glass of water will give you just as much energy as coffee. Even tea helps keep you hydrated!

Water keeps your body working the way it’s supposed to and flushes out the toxins out of your body. Perfect to keep you awake at the end of a great a Thanksgiving meal!

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That’s all of our tops tips to combat your Thanksgiving food coma! Don’t forget to try out one of them or even all of them this Thanksgiving. At least one of these will work to help solve your food coma. Enjoy your holidays; eat healthy, drinks lots of water and most of all have a Great Thanksgiving.

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