Because Sometimes You Need A Reminder

Because Sometimes You Need A Reminder

Always remember…

There is no one right way to be healthy and fit. YOU are the boss of you. It takes time and PRACTICE to replace old habits with new ones. Health and fitness is not a destination. Health and fitness is a LIFESTYLE.

It’s not helpful…

To feel guilty about your food and fitness choices. To beat yourself up over past decisions. To read articles and take them at face value. To allow other people’s opinions to matter more than your own. To complain. To replay bad thoughts over and over in your mind. To use fear as motivation. To set the expectation that once you get there… THEN you’ll be happy. To set ridiculous standards for yourself. To worry about what other people think. To judge yourself.

It is helpful…

To learn from past choices. To do what feels right. To pay attention to the signals that your body gives you. To see the good in any situation. To give people the benefit of the doubt. To appreciate what you have. To laugh often. To be nice to yourself. To compliment (yourself and others) daily. To get inspired and then act. To let go. To be happy NOW. It’s time to break the mold and Live Well 360. What better day than today?

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