The #1 Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health

The #1 Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health

What is the number one thing you can do to improve your long-term health and well-being? Stop. Feeling. Guilty. That’s it. Seems simple enough, right? Have you ever noticed that wild animals don’t feel guilt. If they can do, you’d think we could too! But for most people, it’s far tougher than you realize. We are conditioned in life to feel guilty when we don’t live up to our expectations or the expectations of others. It’s an extremely deep-rooted pattern for many people, especially over-achievers who like to set the bar high. Does this sound familiar? Do you tend to rake yourselves over the coals if when for one reason or another, you don’t “measure up.” Well, it’s time to stop it.

Wasted time and energy

How much of your life and your energy have you wasted on guilt? Feeling guilty is a pointless habit because it doesn’t change anything. It’s disempowering and so unproductive. So you ate the cookie or even a bunch of cookies. So you missed the workout or a week of workouts… or even a month! So you disappointed somebody. So you didn’t live up to whatever expectation that was set. Let it go. Feeling guilty about it only holds you stuck. It’s like quicksand. It just pulls you down, deeper and deeper into a spiral of more stuckness. You can’t grow, improve, expand, or benefit from the experience if you keep thinking about and talking about how you weren’t good enough.

Remove the guilt and what do you get?

Next time you get that all too familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach, make a decision to skip over it, right on to what this circumstance helped you to figure out. There is always a way to learn and grow from every situation and no one is exempt from moments of learning and growth. These moments are actually hugely beneficial in defining what you really want in life. And usually, at the same time you get the inclination to feel guilty, right behind it is a huge break-through that you are oblivious to. Try it. Think back to a circumstance where you were hard on yourself and felt really guilty. What could this help you to learn? How could it make you a better, stronger person? The minute you let down the walls of the need to be {fill in the blank} and realize that there is never ever a good enough reason to feel guilty, you’ll see that guilt is the biggest obstacle standing in your way, holding you back from what you really want in life. Not to mention the huge toll that it takes on you both mentally and physically. Do yourself the biggest favor you could ever do for your physical and mental well-being, move past the guilt and into your power. Have you had moments like this, where you let go of guilt and suddenly realized an enormous opportunity for growth?
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