Catch A Sneak Peek: Maximum Comfort and Style Shoulder Strap and Hardware

Catch A Sneak Peek: Maximum Comfort and Style Shoulder Strap and Hardware

Through research, innovation, and design details, the Live Well 360 Core is different from any other fitness bag that you’ve ever owned. Lets take a closer look at the shoulder strap and hardware Most fitness bags (aka gym bags, duffel bags, sport bags) have a strap made from a narrow, stiff nylon with hard plastic, molded clips and adjustors. Here are a few things that we have noticed through our own experience, as well as, through input from other fitness enthusiasts, with this type of strap and hardware.
  • The rough, rigid nylon is uncomfortable and digs into your skin almost immediately upon putting the strap of a fully packed bag over your shoulder.
  • The plastic hardware clips are stiff, tedious to work with, and don’t allow the bag to move with your body. At times the bag has a tendency to tug and swing back and forth as you move.
  • The plastic slide adjustor is difficult to move up and down on the rough nylon strap, especially while wearing the bag.

Now let’s take a closer look at the Core

  • The Core has a 2-inch wide strap made from soft, seatbelt webbing, designed for maximum comfort, not to mention style. This ensures that the weight of the bag is evenly distributed across your shoulder (and chest if wearing it across your body).
  • The hardware on the Core is a high quality satin nickel. No plastic here.
  • Since the material on the strap is soft and the slide adjustor is satin nickel, this allows for easy adjustment to fit the strap length to your body while wearing the bag. Yet once the adjustor is set to where you want it, it won’t slip or lose its grip.
  • The satin nickel clips that attach the strap to the bag have a unique swivel head, allowing the bag to rotate depending on how you choose to wear it on your body. The Core will remain snug to your back (or side) and secure.
Can you relate to the experiences and input above? Leave a comment below and fill us in! Get your Live Well 360 Core on May 4th and be sure to sign up for our newsletter in the sidebar on the right, in order to receive Live Well 360 news, articles… and exclusive VIP deals.
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