Catch A Sneak Peek: Ventilated Shoe/Sweaty Clothes Compartment

Catch A Sneak Peek: Ventilated Shoe/Sweaty Clothes Compartment

As we put together the list of “must haves” for the design of the Core, we asked many fellow fitness enthusiasts for their opinion of what they envision the perfect fitness bag to offer. Across the board, overwhelmingly even, one pet peeve in particular surfaced again and again: Keeping the dirty separate from the clean.
I get so grossed out when I open my bag to find my dirty shoe bottoms up against my nice, clean clothes. Eww!
The worst is when I pack a white polo shirt to wear after my workout, only to find dirt marks all over it from my shoes.
I really hate putting my smelly, sweat drenched gym clothes in the same compartment with all of my other stuff, and then having it sit in my car while I am at work all day. Then I go home, unpack, and repack for my workout the next day, putting clean items where I just took the wet stuff out of!
And these are just a few of the comments. So, there was no question really, we had to include a solution to this taboo concern in our design for the Core.

What did we come up with?

A separate, dual zippered, ventilated shoe pocket, that doubles as a compartment for wet clothes. This lined compartment (accessed from the exterior) makes it easy for you to keep shoes, and other items away from the main chamber of the bag. In addition, it is really easy to air this pocket out, by simply pulling the liner inside out, allowing it to air-dry overnight. Guys (and ladies) with big feet, rest assured, we thought of you too. The opening for this compartment, as well as, the compartment itself will easily fit a size-12 men’s shoe and still leave room for a couple articles of sweaty clothing. Get your Live Well 360 Core on May 4th and be sure to sign up for our newsletter in the sidebar on the right, in order to receive Live Well 360 news, articles… and exclusive VIP deals.
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