Congratulations, Keep Going

There are certain defining moments in life where we are faced with decisions that allow us to keep going into our power or fall back into security.

How do you typically feel when you make a mistake, face a huge setback, or realize that you are in over your head? Is your answer, “not good,” to say the least? More than likely you feel:
  • angry
  • resentful
  • scared
  • anxious
  • sad
  • vulnerable
  • physically ill
  • guilty
You may start thinking “worst case scenario” type thoughts. Things that in your logical or right mind you would say are ridiculous, but in the heat of the emotion, all your wildest fears take over. You want sympathy. You want guidance. You want somebody to fix it. You want answers. Want to know what my advice is? “Congratulations. Keep going.”

Defining moments - keep going!

I say this out of love and understanding, from a been there, felt that sort of place. Everyone has hardships, struggles, and setbacks, it's part of being alive. But there is a line in the sand, so to speak. A line that defines us. And as each of us steps up to that line, we have a choice to step forward, into uncertainty, into faith, and out of our comfort zone. Or to step back, into the known, into security, into status quo. So I say congratulations, keep going because I am excited for you. I want to help you see those defining moments in life for what they are - opportunities. Opportunities for growth and expansion. Opportunities for education and learning. Opportunities for things you will only have the chance to experience if you trust yourself enough to try. A lot of times what we fear most is leaving that sense of security, but most of what we think is secure in life is just a false sense of security. It’s not real. It’s only secure because we tell ourselves it is.

Know your power

Congratulations. Keep going. Step forward in confidence, knowing that you do not have all the answers, but that you will figure them out. Step forward, realizing that you will make mistakes, but those mistakes are going to give you the wisdom and strength to make better decisions in the future. Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep pressing those limits, pushing those boundaries. And one day you will look back and say, "Wow look what I have accomplished," rather than looking back and saying, "What if I had taken that first step?"
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