Day 11: Listen To What Your Body Is Telling You

Our bodies communicate with us on a regular basis through the way that we feel. Often times we ignore these messages and press on because we have things to do, commitments to uphold, and responsibilities to take care of. Sometimes we think it’s not conducive to our schedule to squeeze in a 30-second gut-check. I use the term gut-check on purpose, because most of the feelings that we should really be paying attention to, come from the core of our bodies. You know what I am talking about. The butterflies in your chest or stomach when something makes you feel really good, or the opposite end of the spectrum, when you get tightness in your chest or a jolt in your stomach when something makes you feel really stressed. Today and for the rest of this 30-day challenge, start reacquainting yourself with those feelings. Your body has a lot of wisdom and guidance to share, and if you open yourself up to these signals, you will be so much better equipped for decision making, especially related to those commitment and responsibilities mentioned above.

Making health and fitness fun

Have you ever stopped to think about the irony in how often we rely on other people to tell us what is right for us, especially related to our health and fitness? Of course there are experts in these fields, who have spent years studying research and learning through their own experience, but it seems as if many people have transferred the final decisions, and in a sense, the responsibility of their own health into someone else’s hands. I believe that is a big part of the reason why so many people feel that their health and well-being is so out of whack. People have become so out of touch with their own preferences and what feels right to them, that they don’t know how to take care of themselves anymore. I speak from experience here. When you fall into the trap of forever looking “out there” for solutions to all of your problems, you get caught up in a cycle that keeps you spinning more and more out of control. In order to gain control of your own body (and for many people) your own anxiety, you’ve got to make the decision to stop looking for something outside of yourself to be your saving grace. On the surface, it may seem safer or easier to pass off the responsibility of your health and well-being to someone else, but ultimately that just keeps you stuck. A healthy, fit, and fun life is one where you own your power, know how to listen to your own body’s guidance, and ultimately make all final decisions for yourself, since after all, you know you better than anyone. In what ways have you noticed your body giving you guidance?
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