Day 12: Give Your Body TLC

When learning how to pay attention to what your body is telling you, and then actually following that guidance, one of the biggest challenges for people can be allowing themselves to slow down.

We live in a super fast paced world, with packed schedules and mile-long to-do lists. It’s tough to carve out me-time. Yet when you realize that me-time makes everything else you are doing better, because your body and mind are then able to function more efficiently, then it becomes clear than the TLC me-time is actually the most important to-do on the list.

Making health and fitness fun

In order to live a truly healthy, fit, and happy life, you need to give your body the TLC it deserves. Things like massage, stretching, and foam rolling are so beneficial for your muscles and your body as a system. Proper rest in-between workouts, and even periods of time off from workouts can be incredibly beneficial as well. I’ve personally seen dramatic changes in my body and in my energy levels, after taking a rest week (week off from strenuous exercise). Sleep is also important. Everyone is different and some people need more sleep than others, but regardless of research studies and recommendations, you know when you need more sleep. Listen to your body. You want your body to last a long time? Take care of it. We tend to ignore the queues that our body gives us, letting us know that it needs some TLC, until we let it go too long and that small queue turns into a big emergency. Why not just slow down a little now? This is the only body that you have, isn’t it worth the time? Today, take time to honor and respect your body. Give it the care that it deserves. It’s important to pay attention to the queues that mean it’s time for some TLC. In what ways do you plan to start giving your body more TLC?
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