Day 14: Don't Try To Change Others

There comes a time when you are eager to share to others what you have accomplished. Practices that you think can change and help them from afar.

When you start seeing your own health and fitness transformation, you want to share that feeling of change and empowerment with others, especially those that you care about and those that seem like they need to hear it most. But sometimes reaching out to other people, who are in a different place than you on their health and fitness journey can backfire, and you end up upsetting them and throwing yourself out of whack! Here are a few ways to help them from afar, while allowing YOU to stay on track. 1. Be an example of possibility Rather than telling them how to live a healthy, happy, and fit life, show them. Actions speak louder than words and trying to force your lessons (even in the nicest way) on someone who may not be ready to hear what you have to say, never works as well as you think it should. 2. Own it Live your healthy fit life with confidence and clarity. Don’t ever make excuses for (or hide) making yourself and your health a priority. 3. Allow other people to be who they are They don’t have to change in order for you to be healthy and fit. Accept them for who they are, exactly as they are... just as you want them to accept you.

Making health and fitness fun

The best thing you could ever do for anyone that you care about, and in turn for yourself, is to let go of trying to change them. Pay lots of attention to the qualities about them that you love, and pay less attention to the qualities that you think you need to fix. They are perfect just as they are, and they are learning at their own pace. If and when they need your advice, they'll come find you. Focus your time, energy, and attention on being your healthy, fit self regardless of what those around you are doing. Your happiness, health, and fitness depends soley on you. In what ways are you setting an example, owning it, and accepting others for who they are?
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