Day 21: The Cells of Your Body Are Smarter Than You Think They Are

Our cells innately know that wellness is our natural state, meaning… they are constantly working to bring us back into our natural state of homeostasis. So, wouldn't it be worth our while to let them do their thing?

The body as a system

Our body is one giant system, and problems within the body aren't as isolated as you may think. If any certain area of the system is off track, that can screw with everything. But don't let that scare you. It's actually a good thing because this means that you can help your body to heal itself. How? By getting out of it's way. I know that can be a scary thing to read because at first it may seem really powerless. Of course we want to test, tweak, research, get in there and take action, and use supplements or medication to bring ourselves back to “normal.” We want to do whatever it takes to fight off whatever is messing up our mojo. And while I by no means am saying anyone should or shouldn’t use medication or supplements, I amsaying that the human body is capable of incredible things. Things that science and research cannot even begin to explain. For example, have you ever thought about the placebo effect? Doesn’t the idea of the placebo effect prove the power of the mind and the body’s ability to heal itself? Just something to think about.

How do I get out of the way?

You get out of the way by paying attention to the only thing that in the grand scheme of things you really have any control over anyway -- your thoughts. You stop worrying so much. You laugh more. You hug more. You play more. You appreciate more. You love more. You let things flow more. Your stress level and how you feel in any particular moment have far more to do with how well your system is functioning than you might think. Science is amazing and please don't misunderstand, I absolutely give credit where credit is due. My point here is that we believe sometimes that in order to fix things we need to be involved at the micro level, when really some of the best medicine you could ever give yourself whether you are suffering from a pulled muscle, a hurt ego, or cancer... is to let go of trying to control and instead, embrace life.

Making health and fitness fun

So today, think about all of the examples that you know of that illustrate the body’s ability to return to it’s natural state of well-being. When you start to think of one example after another, after another, doesn’t it kind of make you feel like anything is possible? Appreciate the well-being that you currently have. Appreciate your body’s ability to heal itself, and start trusting it to help guide you to experiencing more and more of that completely healthy, fit, and fun life you want to live.
What examples do you know of that show the amazing healing abilities of the human body? Check out the entire Live Well 360 30-Day Challenge series.
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