Day 23: Roll with the Flow

Learning to bring yourself back to that natural state of health is a process. Part of that process is finding new clarity and understanding as you experience more things. People can be so hard on themselves, especially when they perceive themselves as failing and that alone is probably the biggest obstacle standing in the way of living a truly healthy, fit, and happy life.

Holiday Countdown

For those that are celebrating the Christmas and New Years holidays, this next week is the time (Christmas Eve through NYE) that seems to make or break many with their “healthiness.” People can get hit with feelings all over the spectrum ranging from guilt and disappointment to anger, resentment, frustration, and fear. Make the decision right now, that you are not going to feel less than over any food or fitness related choice you make over the next week. By accepting that your life and your path is perfect no matter what you do along the way -- because you are perfect just as you are -- then you truly step into your power. Sometimes when you are transitioning from old ways of thinking into a new, more clear, more intuition-oriented way of thinking, you can feel like things are out of control. But don’t worry when things get like that. It feels that way because you are in the midst of a pretty big shift. I envision it sort of like an onion, and as you are shedding layer upon layer of that outer shell, you are getting closer and closer to your fulfilled, happy, vibrant core part of who you are. So, today is all about remembering that in the race of longevity, happiness, and ultimately self-love, you don’t have to be the tortoise… but you also don’t have to be the hare.

Making health and fitness fun

Have you ever heard the song by Alabama called “I’m in a Hurry to Get Things Done”? I used to joke that it was my theme song because I was always in a hurry. I’ve since changed my theme song to something more appropriate. This song (eventually) helped me to realize that life and the quest for a healthy, fit body -- and happiness with all that I am -- isn’t actually a race at all. When I changed the way I looked at my body and my health, I let go of the need to constantly be in control. A big part of me was afraid that if I loosened up on my strict rules and rigid to-do list, I’d set myself back. But once I started letting go of the tightly held reigns, I realized that rather than slowing down, my progress multiplied. You are where you are today. You are enough, today. There is no rush. Once you get “there” you’ll end up setting another goal and off you’ll go again. So don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect or get it done. The more you tell yourself that you should be doing better, the more you hold yourself back from doing better. Roll with the flow. Embrace the learning because the result of learning is clarity and clarity equals happiness if you open yourself up to it. Make peace with all that you can do today, because whatever it is that you do… it is enough.
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