Day 4: Stop Telling Stories of Past Hardships

The Live Well 360 30-Day Challenge: Day 4 - Letting go of the past.

This was me a few years ago. You’ve got a comfy couch, a box of tissues, and a few hours and I could tell you all about what made me the way I am today. On Day 1 of this challenge, I mentioned that it's important to realize why you believe what you believe (meaning... do you really agree with this belief or did you just learn this belief from someone else and take it on as your own). Yet once we start thinking about where a belief came from, we tend to continue down that memory lane of sometimes icky thoughts - blame, regret, and so on. I have good news though. It's not really necessary to go beyond that question of why, rehashing all of those feelings. You don’t have to pick apart your past and examine it over and over again in order to learn from it. Contrary to what many people might tell you, healing and growth from past experiences happens naturally, whether you really think about it or not. Telling your stories of hardship again and again just keeps you stuck. So from here on out, you can stop doing that. The rest of this 30-day challenge (and beyond) you don’t need to keep bringing up your past hardships. They served their purpose and helped you to clarify all kinds of things about what you want and don’t want in life, but it’s time to let go of them now. You have the opportunity to take those lessons and move forward, and you can’t do that if you spend the majority of your time looking in the rearview mirror.

Making health and fitness fun

Make peace with your past, let it go, and allow your focus and energy to be fully on today, where it really matters. Letting go of the past, especially related to body-image and self-acceptance, is one of the best ways to begin living a healthy, fit, and fun life. The dog days are over, friends...
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