Detox Your Body: How to Detox Safely for Spring without Deprivation

Detox Your Body: How to Detox Safely for Spring without Deprivation

By Live Well 360 Guest Blogger Lisa Consiglio Ryan Spring is here. Can you feel it? The sun, the warmth, the feeling of getting a fresh start? I can actually feel it in my bones, my whole being. I’m ready to burst with action and get moving. This is a good time to take a look at your life, make a new plan, and get a brand new start. What do you want to clear out? With your environment? Within yourself? What do you wish to see happen this year? New starts and new beginnings remind me of cleansing. And a great way to supercharge the season is to detox. Spring is the perfect time to do a detox because you can take a good look at habits and set health goals. During springtime, you are filled with inspiration and have energy to achieve these goals. You’re more active, creative, and more apt to stick to your routines. Once you experience a detox that incorporates whole foods and daily activities that support your body, there isn’t anything in the world that can compare to the feeling you get after a detox. You may feel increased bouts of energy, eliminate your cravings, lose weight, reduce bloating and get rid of belly fat. Your mind is clear and focused, and even your mood can improve. You might even glow! If you don’t think you need a detox or are scared straight even hearing the word, think again.

Here are four sure-fire ways to overcome excuses and detox your body safely:

Myth 1: “I will starve.”

Try a gentle, clean food-based detox. Eliminate processed foods and foods with added sugar, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, soy, and animal protein. Stick to organic fruits and veggies for your cleanse. Add lots of vegetables, fruits, greens, grains, legumes, and beans. Also plan to eat every 3 hours with meals and snacks. That way you won’t feel deprived or hungry. If you are feeling hungry, drink water. Hunger is actually a sign of being dehydrated so drink up.

Myth 2: “I will have to stick to the bathroom.”

To be honest, you might be constipated or go to the bathroom a little more often than usual. This is natural as your body expels toxins especially at the beginning of the cleanse. You are eating normal food. In fact, real food. Therefore, you body will begin to balance itself out and become regular. Move your body during detox. Movement on the outside stimulates movement on the inside. Eating foods that nourish and detoxify are necessary for your cleanse, but the next step is to incorporate exercise. Try gentle yoga, walking in nature, stretching. You don’t want to run twelve miles during your cleanse or do a long bike ride. You will be completely exhausted. Your body is working hard to get rid of toxins, and she needs to rest to restore during the detox period.

Myth 3: “I have to mix up powders and take pills.”

If you Google “detox,” you can get all sorts of scary looking boxes or programs to buy.Instead go for the real foods and pump the green goodness. Spring time foods consist of dandelion greens, spinach, parsley, watercress, asparagus, peas, fennel, and mustard greens. You can also add in additional dark leafy greens such as kale, Swiss chard, and collards. The chlorophyll from the leaves feed the blood, and help your body achieve balance. Therefore, ridding your body of toxins becomes easier. You feel cleaner without sucking down tons of powdery mixes.

Myth 4: “I will faint.”

If you keep up with your delicious greens and whole foods, eat every 3 hours, drink tons of water, there is no reason for you to faint or feel weak. You can rid your body of toxins without putting your life on hold. Make sure to eat all your meals and snacks, and if you need extra protein, go for it. Listen to your body and let her guide the way. Detox doesn’t have to be a scary. Detox can be delicious and an amazing way to reboot your body.

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Are you planning a detox this spring? About Lisa lisa-bio Lisa Consiglio Ryan is the founder of Whole Health Designs, juicy clean living advocate and mama of two. She loves her Bikram yoga practice, running, and is a mission to spread the word, “Food is love”. She provides detox programs and private coaching for women who desire to embrace clean living. As a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Lisa has worked with over 1,000 people in her Renewal 10 Day Detox programs. Her work has been featured in Fitness Magazine, TinyBuddha, Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Life , Athleta Chi, The Daily Meal, and Mind Body Green.
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