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Outdoor Workout Gear and Accessories You Need this Fall

Τhere are so many amazing products out there just for outdoor workouts, and sometimes it can be way too overwhelming to find the right one for you! We have the top outdoor workout gear and accessories for the fall! So let’s dive in!

LiveWell360 The Core 2.0 Bag

The Core 2.0 Bag is perfect for the outdoors!! It is a light medium-sized essential that provides form and intuitive function because of its’ sleek solution-oriented sleek design. The other great thing is when this bag is packed full, it’s still comfortable to carry due to it’s size, light-weight material and a strap that is made from soft, seat belt material and leatherback padding perfect for the outdoors!!

Lulu Lemon Down For It All Vest

Another great accessory for your outdoor workouts is the Lululemon’s down for it all vest!! They are perfect for working out outdoors and making sure to keep you warm, but sweat proof! The other awesome thing is that they come in a variety of different colors. It also is fully loaded for running in cold, wet weather. They use something called Primaloft insulation and warms places most exposed to rain and snow and the down feathers lock in heat at your core. They even have side pockets, which will keep your hands warm while you run!

BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

We all know we’ve had that moment where we were working out and our headphones get tangled and caused us to stop working out. What better way to fix that problem than wear headphones that are wireless!! The BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones are perfect for the gym rat who doesn’t want anything to stand in the way of their workouts!

Aquaphor Lip Repair

We all know when the weather changes so do our skin and body especially if you live somewhere cold or where the weather has started to change. And let’s be honest we don’t want to workout with chapped lips either that would be terrible or interrupt our workout! So what better way to heal your chapped lips than Aquaphor Lip Repair!! It is the best product to help heal chapped lips and keep you ready to get your workout in without any distractions!

PhD Outdoor Socks

Sometimes the outdoors can be hard on our foot so making sure we have appropriate socks and shoes for it is super important! Also, body heat escapes through your head and feet so cold weather makes extremities feel like ice, which would definitely ruin your fall workout!! These socks are perfect to keep your toes nice and warm and are perfect for hiking or any other activates. The merino wool will keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer so you can wear them all year long! You will become obsessed with these socks just like working out!

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Those were our top 5 outdoor workout gear and accessories for this fall! Next time you find yourself wanting to workout, but don’t have the right things to have a good workout outside, come back to our list!! All these different products will help all the gym rats out there that have made fitness a lifestyle and want to take their workout outdoors.

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