Fat Loss Troubleshoot: When Weight Watchers Just Isn’t Working

From Weight Watchers to the Fat Loss Troubleshoot and beyond - a journey to living well in every way.

Recently I’ve been reflecting on how far I’ve come in my fat loss journey. Here's a snapshot of my train of thought near the beginning:

Okay, if I have 1 cup of corn flakes for breakfast with 1 cup of skim milk plus a salad made with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, with light Italian dressing for lunch, then an apple for a snack, and a Weight Watchers frozen meal for dinner plus a Weight Watchers dessert… that will give me an extra 4 points to save toward my weekend splurge plus two additional exercise points that I didn’t even use that I can also bank for the weekend. Yay, me! During college, I remember stopping at the gas station to grab a Slim Fast “meal bar” and a “coffee” from the machine that takes sugary powder and adds water. That’s what I called breakfast. The one thing I can’t remember about this time in my life was whether or not I thought this was healthy. I honestly don’t know. I think at that point, “health” wasn’t as much of a concern as fat loss was. And truth be told, I thought this way of eating was what I needed to do in order to lose weight. It was perfect for me too, because I enjoyed these types of foods (at the time). The problem was that they didn't fill me up, I was hungry all the time, and even though I was working out like crazy, I wasn't losing weight. The embarrassment that I felt stepping onto the scale at the weekly Weight Watchers meeting - when the meeting leader leaned over my shoulder so she could see the scale and write down my weight - only to find that I was up two pounds rather than at a loss, is burned into my brain. What am I doing wrong? I’m doing everything I thought I was supposed to be doing. What’s wrong with me? Looking back, I realize that I just didn’t know any better. I didn’t know how to eat for health, let alone for fat loss! Granted, Weight Watchers has changed a lot since then, so I’m not bashing them (totally). It’s hard though when you don’t know what you don’t know… and you think you’re doing the right things to accomplish the goals you want to accomplish… but it’s just not working.

Fat Loss… Troubleshoot, Enter Leigh Peele

I remember the day I first met Leigh Peele online. I had written a long “help, I’m hanging by a thread” post on a popular fitness forum because I was fed up with the fact that I was (on paper) eating so little, working out so much, and not losing any weight. The next day, I turned on my computer and went straight to the forum to see if I had gotten any responses. I received a few nice suggestions and some support from other forum members but one stood out to me in particular. It was from Leigh. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember exactly what she even said, but whatever it was, it hit home. I sent her an email, asked a few more questions to make sure she was as too-good-to-be-true as I thought she was, and then Ryan and I signed up for online fat loss coaching with her. This began the first chapter in what later evolved into our “live well 360 aka live well in every way” style of living. We just needed… to be untangled. And that she did. She created a workout plan for us and taught us about portion control, real food, how many calories we burned each day, how many we needed to eat to lose weight, training and the importance of rest, and much more. Through our work together, I was able to lose 24 pounds and get to the lowest weight I had seen since grade school. That was such an accomplishment for me, and I worked really hard to get there. I was super proud of myself and excited to have finally reached my goal weight. My journey didn’t stop there, and I’ve evolved and learned a lot more about myself, fat loss, and how to maintain what I’ve achieved, but this was my starting point. We all need a starting point. Diets get a bad rap because of the marketing, promises, and hype attached to them. At its simplest level, a diet gets you to focus on what you’re eating and for some people, a diet can be the bridge that leads to learning more and more about living well in every way. There is no one right way to get started on this journey. We are all different, with different likes, dislikes, schedules, priorities, etc and this is why it’s so important to test things out for yourself and pick and choose what works best for you. Today Leigh is launching her new book, Starve Mode, and the updated version of The Fat Loss Troubleshoot, and I wanted to mention it to you so you can check it out and see if it’s a fit for you. The concepts that she teaches in this book are what gave me the jumpstart and understanding that I needed. Maybe it’s a fit for you too. Now, I will say it’s very technical. During our time with Leigh we did a lot of counting, measuring, and weighing both of our food and our progress. I even wore a BodyBugg for a few weeks. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you then this book is definitely not for you. But if that sounds exciting to you, then maybe Starve Mode and/or The Fat Loss Troubleshoot could be the first/next step in your journey.
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