February Motivation

3 February Motivation Tips you must take to get and stay fit

We all need to find the motivation to workout sometimes, but actually finding motivation can be hard. After all, it's still February when it's cold outside. It’s hard enough to find the time to plan a workout but not having the motivation there sometimes seems impossible. According to a study done by Michelle Segar, the director of University of Michigan’s Health, Sport, and Activity Research Center, people begin programs to lose weight and stop when they lose weight. Why not try making yourself actually learn to love working it, instead of forcing yourself? We have the article for you!! We break down how to learn to love fitness and make it a part of your life!

Why not try making it a social activity?

Grab some friends and find an activity or class you guys can do together! Adding friends to the mix can actually help motivate you and help keep things more relaxed. It takes away the pressure from working out and makes it more of a social event. Brings the focus to which people you’re hanging out with rather than what exactly you are doing! A great way to bring friends with you to the gym is to schedule a class you all take every day of the week! Why not even try having a set workout you guys together every other day like cardio one day and strength the next! So many different possibilities to making your workout social, just add some friends and make it fun!

Any physical activity is better than none!

People forget that any workout is much better than no workout. It’s hard not to have this idea of working out for certain amount of hours, but actually, you don’t need to workout that many hours in the day. Even 30 minutes is actually more than enough every day of the week. So you don’t have to actually spend hours and hours every day at the gym. Just setting a little time aside even 15 minutes to do yoga, or walk around your neighborhood that’s great!

Get creative find something you like to do!

Fitness and your workouts are about you and what you enjoy doing. Don’t force yourself to do something just to do it. Find some type of sport, or exercise or even fitness class you love and stick with it! Maybe starting up the childhood sport you played, or finding a new hobby you love, maybe boxing? Focusing on an activity you actually love will help you want to workout, an actually look forward to it! Don’t forget the more you love something, the more you want to do it. So get back in there and take that cycling class.


Finding motivation to workout is always so hard, but we have the three best tips to find that motivation.
  • Why not try making it a social activity?
  • Any physical activity is better than none!
  • Get creative find something you like to do!
So find a sport or group fitness class you love! Maybe even just walking around your neighborhood with your dog! As long as you get in your workout it doesn’t matter what it is! Remember it’s not about how long you workout for or what exactly you do, but rather focusing on the fact that you’ve actually done it! So get out there and enjoy your workout!! Don’t just think fitness means going to the gym and just lifting weights! Get out there and try a group fitness class, or even walk your dog around a park!
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