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Parents, take these five steps that super-fit moms and dads do to stay fit

Trying to be fit and be a great parent can be challenging. But there are many parents out there that manage to do both very well. They incorporate their family time with their fitness goals and workouts and try to teach their kids the important of health and wellness. Are you looking for ways to stay fit as a parent?! Well we have five steps that fit parents do to stay fit! Let’s dive in!

Make a workout routine and stick to it

One of the hardest things to make time for when you have a busy schedule and a family can be your own workouts, but creating a schedule helps you stay on track! Let’s say you know your kids have dance class or sports after school then you can carve out the time you aren’t available and look at when you could squeeze in a workout.

Maybe you do have 45 minutes you can spare in the morning to do your workout at home! Making it a priority and having it scheduled in your day will force you to get up and actually go to your workout! We also have some tips on how working professionals can stay fit as well which also help you stay on point with your routines!

Involve your kids in the workouts

Now if you have looked at your schedule and still don’t seem to find the time to workout don’t worry!! Why not try to include your kids in your workouts so that you aren’t missing out on any family time and you won’t feel as guilty about spending time away from the kids! If you make fitness a family thing then you can get your workout in, teach your kids the important of health and wellness and spend quality time with them too!

So try taking them to the park and running around with them, or put on a yoga video and have your kids try it with you! There are also plenty of workout classes that are specific to kids and parents working out, so try to do some research and find some in your area. The possibilities are endless; kids have so much energy and will be thrilled to get to be active with you!

Make healthy meals with kids

Another big part of fitness and staying fit is making sure your nutrition is on point and as a parent sometimes that can be hard. We all know some kids will not eat vegetables at all so how do you incorporate healthy eating into your family routine?!

Why not try getting your kids involved by cooking with you? They are more likely to want to eat something healthy if they are involved in the process of making it! Here are some healthy breakfast eating ideas right here!

Make Fitness a Game

Workout with your kids and trying to make fitness a fun game will help them get excited too! Try teaching your little ones fun new moves and practicing them throughout the day. Try jumping jacks or even push-ups and completing a set of 5 every commercial break!

Regardless of the age of your children, there is an activity you can regularly take part in together. Get creative and have fun! Your kids will start loving fitness and want to do it all the time!

Set goals and track progress with the family

Another great thing some parents do to help stay fit and get their children involved in the process is to create goals and track their progress! And this can be as simple as having a tracking chart in your kitchen and putting a star next to either the parent’s or children’s names when they accomplish their goal. It's always important to set goals like New Years Resolutions and stay on track regularly.

For example, create a goal like workout 4 days a week and every time you all do that everyone gets a star! Or another fun idea is to take a picture once a week as a family to track your fitness goals if they are related to weight loss. You can even make the pictures silly ones to get the kids excited to want to take them!

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These are our steps that fit parents take to stay fit! We hope you try at least one of them! These steps will help you get back on track to your fitness goals and still be a great parent! And the best part of all this you are showing a great example to your children and making health and fitness a priority for them!

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