Fitness Friday: Yes, I’m Skinny

By Live Well 360 Ambassador Amanda Russell

Warning: This is NOT my typical Fitness Friday video. It is personal, controversial, possibly provocative – but it comes from my own experience, my heart, and I hope it resonates with people everywhere. Though your struggle may not be overt – or though this struggle may not look like yours – and though you may not understand it — accept the fact that everyone has a struggle. We have to stop thinking of ourselves in terms of everyone else. This topic is extremely personal to me, it is one that I have avoided, and been too nervous to bring up in fear of the reaction, and simply because of the hurt and pain it has caused me over many years — but I know I’m not alone. It is time to FINALLY address it, so today, I open up personally and talk intimately about it – Yes, I’m Skinny. Thank you for watching! What do you think about what Amanda had to say? Can you relate to being called ‘too skinny’? What is your idea of a ‘real woman’? We’d love to hear your feedback, so please leave any questions or comments you have in the comment section below!

About Live Well 360 Ambassador Amanda Russell

Amanda-Russell-1-150x150Amanda Russell is an athlete, fitness expert, and creator of the AR Program and the 14-Day Shape Up. She’s been featured in numerous fitness magazines as both a contributor and fitness model, including SELF, Runners World, Fitness, Redbook, and Women’s Health.
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