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What types of fitness-related New Year's Resolutions actually work?

We all know that the New Year brings excitement and New Year’s resolutions! We all want to change something in life, but always find a way to push it off until the New Year. And sometimes the New Year resolutions never go as planned and we forget about them three weeks into the New Year! And fitness resolutions are the hardest to keep especially around the holidays! And even if you set up a fitness-related New Year's Resolution for yourself, most of you will give up on it by February. EIGHTY PERCENT, in fact!

So here are some different types of fitness-related New Year’s resolutions that actually work!!

Drink more water instead of soda

We never want to tackle too many resolutions at once, so let’s start by swapping out soda for water. This is a pretty easy resolution and only requires you to focus on one thing, drinking more water and staying hydrated. This is great if you’re trying to remove sugar from your diet too. Your skin and body will be thanking you for all the water in the end and it’s an easy lifestyle change to make. You can create a timer every 30 minutes to remind yourself to drink water.

Start working out with a friend

Making sure to have someone doing this with you is another huge rule to keeping your fitness resolutions. We all have had moments where we don’t want to go to the gym, well if you have a friend who is there for you it will make it easier. Meeting someone at the gym can give you a reason and the motivation to get up and go. Why not try a group fitness class with your best friend?! It will be a lot of fun and you can spend quality with your friend while accomplishing your goals.

Take the stairs instead of an elevator

This is such a great New Year’s resolution for someone who wants to start working out but too intimidated to begin. This again doesn’t require too much thinking or effort and just makes you conscious of your decisions. Every time you see an elevator it will remind you to take the stairs either up or down. This is a great leg workout and cardio, but also forces you to find opportunities in your life to be active.

Add 1 cup of veggies to your day

Veggies are so important for heart health and overall wellness so adding just one cup of them a day can really help your health. We all don’t like the taste of them, but you can find so many recipes online for healthy veggie options. This will make it easy to incorporate into your lifestyle and succeed. And the great thing is that one-cup of veggies is not that bad or too hard to add into your diet. You can have hummus and carrots or even roasted broccoli! Yum! The options are endless so find something you will love to eat.

Don’t eat dessert after dinner

A very simple, but life-changing resolution can be to not have dessert right after dinner. Desserts are very high in sugar and carbs, which can lead to bloating and unnecessary sugar crashes. Sugar can affect your mood and overall make you feel sluggish and just not good. Cutting out your dessert every night will raise your energy levels and make you feel healthier! The other great thing is you can replace your dessert with a healthy protein shake, or even fruit! So you can still get the sweet tooth fix you are looking for without having to worry about your energy levels and your health! Try it out for a few weeks and see how easy it truly is to do.

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Those are all of our types of fitness New Year’s resolutions that actually work. We chose to stick to ones we knew would be simple and not require a lot of prepping or work. The simpler they are the better, because than you are setting yourself up for success. Next time you make a resolution come back to our list and try one out! We know you will love how you feel and better yet the feeling you will get from actually succeeding at your resolutions this year!

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