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Take These Six Tips To Keep Your Fitness Routine Going During the Holidays

It’s already the holiday season and that means food, and family! But does it have to mean we slack on our fitness routine?! No! You don't have to.

We have six tips to keep you on track with your fitness goals this holiday season!

Make it a priority to workout in the morning

You are less likely to back out, and you’ll be done with your routine early. If you do your workout in the morning then you don’t have to think about your workout later on in the day. With the holidays here family time is super important and sometimes can take up your entire day. So planning ahead and making sure you get it done early on maybe even around 4AM! Yes, it seems early but just think about all the time you will save by working out when everyone is sleeping.

And while we're at it, here is what you need to start Monday Mornings on the right note, every time!

Take Group Fitness classes with family and friends

Take advantage of the group fitness classes available around the holidays. And why not try taking them with your family and friends. It’s a great way to get your workout in and spend time with those you care about around the holidays. Group fitness classes are also great because you don’t need to think about your workouts instead you can focus on how much work you put in and not your routine. And there are so many options when it comes to group fitness, you can take anything from cardio dance to a pure strength workout to a Pilates class. The classes are endless! So grab a family member or friend and go take that group fitness class you have always wanted to!

While on vacation take a hike or run

So some of you might be traveling during the holidays, and you may either live somewhere warm or be traveling somewhere warm. So for those of you why not use the weather to your advantage and start doing your workouts outside, or even try hiking. The great thing about spending the holidays somewhere warm is you are more likely to be more motivated to go outside, eat clean, and even workout! So try hiking, outdoor yoga or any other outdoor activity.

Do Yoga instead of a Hard Workout

Don't overdo it. Staying fit is important, but don’t lose sight of the holidays and spend time with those who are important to you. If you want to do both, involve the whole family in a yoga or tai chi exercise to unwind. Yoga will help de-stress your mind from holiday shopping, family time and all the stresses the holidays can bring.

Do a home workout instead of going to the gym

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time or energy to get yourself to go to the gym or yoga studio. But don't just sit at home and do nothing. Do your workout at home instead! This is a great alternative, especially around the holidays. Busy schedules mean you really need to make sure you are using all your available time to get your workout in. When you have to get up and go to the gym it can waste a lot of time and energy. So buy some free-weights, a yoga mat, and a jump rope. These are all the things you need to get a quick workout at home, like one of our fitness challenges!

Cross Train

A great way to get in a quick workout and still have it be effective is to cross train. All you need is 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic non-running activity, like swimming or boot camp. Switching it up will help make sure you are working out all around and getting in your strength and your cardio, which will lead to the best workout you’ve ever had!

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That’s all of our tips on how to keep your fitness routine going during the holidays! Remember to spend time with your friends and family around the holidays, because that is what is most important around this time of year. Also, use these tips to keep working out this holiday season! Workout at home, take a group fitness class, or even go hiking. Anything to get you moving during the holiday season is good! So enjoy your holidays but stay focused on your fitness goals too!

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