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5 Fitness Necessities for the Traveling Worker

Traveling can be stressful in of itself. But adding business to a trip makes it even more stressful! And trying to add fitness and health into your travel can sometimes feel impossible, That said, we have the top 5 fitness necessities that you will need to help you with traveling and getting in your workouts! So let’s jump into our top 5 fitness necessities for the traveling worker!
  1. Therapy Balls

Therapy Balls are great for the traveling worker as they relieve stress and help with muscle tension, which can definitely happen while traveling. You can use them to loosen your tight muscles especially after a long day of sitting on a plane and then in an office. The other great thing about them is trigger point, and you might be wondering what exactly is trigger point, well don’t worry we will explain! A trigger point is caused by a stimulus like tightness in muscles and that creates the trigger point in your body! A great way to release these tense spots is with therapy balls as they put more pressure than foam rollers, and really get deep muscles to relax! So next time you are traveling don’t forget to throw therapy balls in your bag, they will definitely come in handy. There are many therapy balls out there on the market. Here's one by Trigger Point Therapy, where a 2.6 inch ball starts at just $11.29.
  1. Resistance Bands

We have all experienced a long day of traveling and work. The last thing we want to do is have to get ready to go to the gym, so why not use resistance bands? They are perfect for traveling because they are compact and travel friendly. They also are so versatile especially when it comes to exercises. You can use them for leg exercises and even arm exercises! Here are a few of the many options: Glute Bridges are a great exercise that you can do with a band. The resistance bands add a little extra burn to your workout. Another great exercise to warm up your glutes is using lateral band walks! With these you start by wrapping the band around your ankles and if you want an extra burn you can add another band above your knees. Another great exercise for upper body with bands is a bench-press and yes you can actually do a bench-press with a band. You can tie the band around any sturdy place in the gym. From there keep the band behind you and slowly press your arms straightforward. WODFitters has a wide range of bands starting at under $11 each.
  1. Activity Tracker

What better way to stay on track than with an activity tracker! It’s the easiest way to keep track of your movement and fitness goals and what you are actually doing in a day! The other amazing thing about trackers is that they can be also used as your phone and various other things! There are so many to try as well from apple watches to fit bits! Every single one has something different from the other, which makes it tailorable for the individual. The Apple Watch is one of the leading series of watches to buy. It has apps that track your movement, workouts, and much more.
  1. Live Well 360 Backpack

A backpack is a great carry on to take with you on your next business trip! Livewell360 has a great backpack with so many compartments and it comes with a lifetime warranty! Who doesn’t want a lifetime warranty?! The other great thing about this backpack is how sleek it looks! It is perfect for someone who is a traveling worker as it can be used during work and travel! So instead of bringing a briefcase and a carry on you can combine them into 1! Click here to get your backpack which is $159.99. And enter the code SPCPROMO to get 15% off AND FREE SHIPPING!
  1. Sneakers

Another very important thing when it comes to posture and the traveling worker is a great pair of sneakers! Not only can you use these for workouts, but just walking around in general. This is useful, especially if you have been traveling a lot! There are so many types of sneakers and brands that you can look through and try but some are just perfect to keep posture right and maintain core activation. Nike has a great pair called the Flyknit and they are very comfortable and come in a variety of different colors! Click here to get the type of Flyknit shoes you would like! (* * *) So overall being a traveling worker can be really had and trying to manage your time is the key to success. These 5 fitness necessities are perfect travel buddies for the traveling worker! They all help with your workouts or just help with de-stressing as well! So next time you have to travel for work don’t forget to grab all five of these amazing fitness necessities!
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