Five Ways the ACCEL fitness bag ACCELerate's athletes' lives

Five Ways the ACCEL fitness bag ACCELerate's athletes' lives

Being an athlete can be stressful. You may feel like you never have time to waste! Well you will never have to worry about wasting time when you have the LIVE WELL 360 ACCEL bag with you. It’s the perfect bag to help you get through your entire day without having to make any stop back home to grab something! It is organized, has space for a yoga mat, jacket attachment, and its even fashionable! So let’s dive into our top 5 ways the ACCEL bag ACCELerate’s athlete’s lives!

1. Helps you stay organized

The Accel bag is perfect for organization as it has several compartments and fits just about everything. And we know being an athlete it can be hard to keep track of all our stuff especially in a bag we use every day. The ACCEL really makes it simple for us to put our things where we need them and be able to find them quickly.

2. Helps you save time

It saves so much to use this bag! It literally can hold anything and everything you will ever need throughout your day. It can hold your workout clothes, and shoes and even fancier clothes for a night out or dinner! You never know when you will need all of these things so make sure you use the ACCEL to pack up all your essentials. It will save you time from traveling back and forth to pick up things or even change.

3. It is ideal for travel

Sometimes athletes have to travel for events or conferences and the stress of where to pack all your things can ruin an entire trip, but don’t let that happen to you! With the ACCEL bag all your things will be organized and fit perfectly! It's small and compact perfect for traveling through the airport, but also has jacket attachments, which definitely comes in handy when you are running through the airport. It also is perfect for those looking to be fashionable at the airport! It’s simple but stylish and the other great thing is that it has a shoulder strap and another strap to keep your hands free and ready to go! So next time you need to travel and need to bring a bag with you, why not grab the ACCEL bag!

4. You can pack your whole day with you

This bag is able to pack your whole day with you! The classic structure and look is perfect as you can take it anywhere with you and make it an evening or morning bag! Either way, no one will know what you have in there and it will look amazing with any outfit. The comfort of knowing that you don’t need to carry more than one bag with your things is pretty amazing!

5. It is PERFECT for yoga

We all know that we could use a yoga class or two in our lives. The Accel bag not only has several compartments but also has the perfect space for your yoga mat! Yoga is a great way for an athlete to release muscle tension or take a breather from their typical workout and change up their pace! The ACCEL bag will motivate you to take more yoga classes and work on that flexibility, which we all could use more of! (* * *) Those are the top 5 ways the ACCEL Accelerate’s athlete’s lives! The Accel bag is perfect for the athlete in your life, and you can even give it as a present to an athlete you may know. They will use it every day and never feel unprepared with this bag. So don’t forget next time you are in a rush to pack your ACCEL bag, it will help you get through the day and you will look fashionable doing it!
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