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10 Bad Health Habits Parents Make During the Holidays—and How to Fix Them

It’s finally the Holiday season and that means lots of food and family time! This can also bring on many bad health habits especially for parents. We have the top 10 bad health habits parents make during the Holidays and how we can you avoid and fix them!
  1. Drinking too much
Alcohol is one of those things everyone drinks during the Holidays especially when they are around friends and family. And the bad thing is alcohol can really affect your health and not in a good way. Try to limit your alcohol consumption and if you can’t do that well at least try your best to stay hydrated while you are drinking.
  1. Overeating
The holidays are all centered on food and family! And sometimes to be honest most of the time we all know we eat way too much. But we continue to work out and try to eat smaller portions, which will help with overeating. Another really important thing is to try drinking a glass of water right before a holiday dinner. This will help keep you full and not thirsty because sometimes thirst can give you the same impression as hunger.
  1. Not working out
We all tend to not work out around the holidays because it takes up too much time and we are just too lazy. But not working out can really affect your energy levels and how you feel in general. So make sure to get your workouts in! At least if you are going to overeat you can definitely workout to help with bloating and feeling not well from all the food. Working out can also help regulate digestion and just keep you on track and ready to go for any holiday challenge!
  1. Not sleeping enough
Sleep is something we all love, but we all never get enough of! Especially with family visiting and late night events, we don’t always get the kind of sleep we need. So make sure to set a bedtime during the holidays and stick to it! Also, if you feel like you are uneasy or can’t sleep at night try lavender oil or pillow spray. It naturally helps with sleeping and puts your brain and body at ease to help relax you so you can naturally fall asleep.
  1. Social Media Overload
We all know we want to capture every moment around the holidays and that means we most likely are using our phones to take pictures and record videos. This can ultimately lead to us not sleeping well, even gaining weight! Yes, there are so many bad side effects from screen time we really should consider putting our phones down.
  1. Trying to do everything around the Holiday time
You can’t go to every holiday party with your kids or build every gingerbread house. Some things aren’t going to happen and that’s okay. The idea that everything has to be so perfect is impossible. We need to understand we are people and we can’t allow this idea of perfection around the holidays to get in our way of enjoying the time we are spending with friends and family. Make a list of a few places you want to go to as well as, where your kids are interested in being. And make sure you only keep to that list it will help make your life a little better and simpler.
  1. Stressing Out
Stress is arguably the number word associated with holidays for a lot of people. And really, it shouldn’t be! We try to get everything right or see everyone, but it’s not going to happen. So make time for what is important and breathe. Also food can be a way to relieve stress, but don't overdo it or eat the wrong kinds of food! Remember no one will remember the things that didn’t happen or things you are stressing about. The kids will love whatever toy you get them, we promise!
  1. Drinking way too much caffeine
Caffeine is something that we all drink but sometimes we can definitely drink way too much. Coffee and tea can be the perfect pairing with some dessert, and both are extremely dangerous to your health if you drink way too much of them. Caffeine will keep you wide awake past hours you don’t need as well and hurt your normal daily routines.
  1. Overindulging in desserts/sugar
Holidays mean lots of desserts and yummy foods! This is the time of year where we all indulge in food we probably wouldn’t be eating any other time of the year! We aren’t saying don’t have any dessert. Just try to limit your intake. If you want something sweet maybe try having fruit instead of an overly sweet dessert! It will help curb your sweet tooth but also keep you on track! And by the way. here is a recipe on some pumpkin bread which is a better alternative than pie!
  1. Not enjoying your time with friends and family
Remember the most important thing to do is spend time with your friends and family!! That’s what the holidays are all about, spending time with each other and being in the moment. Everything else doesn’t matter use the time you do have to stay in the moment and have fun! (* * *) That’s all of our 10 bad health habits parents make during the holidays and how to fix them! Just remember what the holidays are all about family and spending time together. Nothing else matters, so try your best to stay healthy, but enjoy yourself let yourself live a little bit! The holidays will fly by just as fast as they came. So go enjoy yourself and most of all have fun with your kids, family, and friends!
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