Gym Tote Bags - Stylish Workout Bags for Men and Women

You don’t want to carry around a bunch of bags to get through the work day and your daily workout. With the proper gym tote bag, you can use it for everything, and no one will ever know you’re carting around your gym gear. But, how important is style? A gym tote bag that’s stylish is important to you if you’re a woman because you use bags as an every day accessory. Whether you’re a corporate high flyer, a student, or you work the front desk at a hotel, you don’t leave the house without something to carry your keys, make-up, snacks, etc. But, what about men? You’d think men don’t care about what their gym tote bag looks like because men and women don’t think alike. The main goal is to lift as much as possible until exhaustion, and sweat like a pig to develop muscles. But, as a man you care about your gym tote bag because how your body looks is important to you and you’re not a slouch. If you’re single there’s always a good chance, you’ll meet a lady. If she’s in your workout area, you’ve already got something in common, right? Even if you’re attached, you’re a stylish man who always cares about looking well dressed. A gym tote bag is a fantastic way to keep you organized and looking stylish. So, how do you find the best gym tote bag ( We have some tips for men and women when they’re looking for the perfect gym accessory. 7 Tips for Finding Stylish Workout Bags Before you go shopping for a gym tote bag we suggest you check out our tips below. You want to make sure the bag you choose is functional for your needs and looks good. You also want one that will last because you don’t want to go shopping every few months. 1. Look for a gym tote bag that is spacious to hold more than just your gym clothes. 2. Comfort is important, make sure the strap is the size you need and its light weight; so, you can fill it up with everything you need before and after your workout. 3. A workout bag is more useful if it has compartments and not designed like a duffel bag. 4. Easy to clean. You want a gym tote bag that you can hand wash with soap and water. This way you can touch it up every few days, so it looks good and will last longer. 5. Made from high quality materials. You don’t want to invest in a stylish workout bag only to have it tear in a few days. 6. Water resistant. Snow and rain won’t stop you from going to the gym. You need a bag that is durable enough for every season. 7. Look for designs that scream elegance and sophistication. At LiveWell 360 we’ve put a lot of thought into our stylish workout bags for men and women. Whether you’re a yogi, bodybuilder, or athlete we have a gym tote bag for you. To see our selection you can visit our website.
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