How Shiny Is Your Self-Esteem?

How Shiny Is Your Self-Esteem?

Tonight was no different than any other night. I was on my evening walk, singing a new Bruce Springsteen tune when I saw a penny in the road. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not THAT cheap…but I am superstitious. I don’t step on cracks, I believe what goes around comes around and without fail, I will pick up a penny when I find it “heads up”. It’s good luck, right? So here I am, continuing my walk, looking at good ol’ honest Abe when I started to notice something. The shape, texture, and overall quality of the penny bared a striking resemblance to me, my self-esteem, and how I perceive myself. To anyone else, this was simply a penny, one cent that in the grand scheme of things would probably have little financial impact. But to me, I saw something different. Upon closer examination, I found this particular penny to be dull in color. In addition, it had nicks and scratches, clearly from being tossed to the side and damaged from oncoming traffic. Now, you’re probably asking, “How does this penny have anything to do with me as a person?” Think about it. How often do you begin a new diet, one that you hope and pray will have greater success than the last one, two or ten? You are tired from dieting. Your color, much like that which radiates from a new penny, begins to wane. You feel beaten down, run over, and depressed. You want to shine! You want to look and feel healthy, happy and at peace with YOU! But, with each weight loss attempt and failure, you add another “nick” to your already tarnished self-esteem. So the question I pose is simple. How do you transform your mental, physical, and emotional awareness into that which allows you to exude the confidence that is buried deep within?

5 Simple Steps to Renewed Self-Esteem

1. One day at a time, one meal at a time.

PC-one-day-at-a-time-1 You may have five pounds to lose or you may have ten. Maybe it’s a number you wouldn’t share with your best friend. Whatever your goal, realize and accept that long-term weight loss will take time. The reality is, is just isn’t going to happen overnight, no matter what all the mainstream diet programs tell you. When you accept this fact, and break the goal into smaller pieces, your chances of success will be much greater.

2. Focus on the goal and accept the challenge.

Confident-Pose Speaking from personal experience, dieting and pushing yourself physically to that next level is never fun while you are in the midst of the challenge. Finding peace within yourself and loving who you are every step of the way may seem easier said than done, but it is a huge part of the process, and a key factor in those fitness results sticking for the long term. By choosing to focus on the new you, and loving yourself fully in the interim (extra weight and all), you are keeping yourself mentally in a constructive place, and not allowing the challenges to become obstacles that hold you stuck in the past.

3. If everyone threw their problems in a pile, you’d be quick to take yours back.

Unknown This always reminds me of the necessity of perspective and patience. While it is important to find strength and peace, remember that there are those whose struggles you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Be grateful for what you have now, problems, or what I like to call "growth opportunities," and all.

4. Small Victories.

Steps-to-Confidence-300x235 A goal isn’t achieved in one quick move, it's a slow climb. Identify and celebrate the small steps that guide you on the path to your goal. It may be a one-pound weight loss, a friend commenting on your newfound confidence, or how you resisted a temptation that you normally would have given in to. Whatever it is, observe, embrace, and enjoy.

5. Support, Support, Support!

self-worth-i-love-me-300x228 Find others who will support you on your journey. Turn to them to share your victories and lean on them when you need encouragement. Armed with these five tools, I now ask you this... Are you ready to say goodbye to the negative self-talk, yo-yo dieting and feelings of failure? You have complete and total power to heal your nicks and scratches, allowing your true self to shine in the sunlight. What do you think? Isn’t it time to - GO FOR IT?! Nicolle Sisia, a fitness and nutrition enthusiast from New York, enjoys all things related to the health and wellness - especially training, running, kickboxing, spinning, and cooking. She often spends countless hours in the kitchen, creating healthy and flavorful meals that satisfy the mind, body and palate. On her journey to her "best life," Nicole has participated in three figure competitions and recently placed 3rd in her class. She is dedicated to educating herself on the mind-body connection, committed to making peace with her body, and feels inspired by sharing her life lessons with others so that they might be able to gain some clarity on their own "best life" journey.
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