How To Choose the Right Fitness Program

There are so many options and so many {strong} opinions on what is the best fitness program out there. How do you know what is right for you?

The fitness industry is full of variety. There are so many options and so many {strong} opinions. How do you know what is right for you?

Here are 3 things to consider when choosing a fitness program

  1. Define your own, personal goals
  2. Let your goals point you to the right program
  3. Be OK with the learning curve

1. Define your own, personal goals

First things first, what do you want? What is your first priority?
  • Health?
  • Strength?
  • Endurance?
  • Bikini season?
It seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many people start a program without taking the time up front to think about what it is that they really want to achieve. In order to achieve specific results, you first need to clearly define what you want. Don’t limit yourself by preconceived notions of what is and is not possible. Anything is possible; it is just a matter of putting together all the parts and pieces to allow you to get from here to there. Decide what you want, get excited about it, and truly believe that the mere fact that you thought it means that it is possible for you to achieve it.

2. Let your goals point you to the right program

Once you have your goals clearly defined, then it is actually really easy to sift through the various options, and be left with what fits. This was a lesson that took me a long time to learn. If my goal is to 1) feel healthy and vibrant and 2) have a body composition that is long and lean, then I shouldn’t be doing a workout program that was designed for bodybuilders looking to add massive amounts of muscle. That would be like driving East from Kansas in order to get to California. There is just no way I am going to achieve the results that I am looking for by doing that type of workout. Zero in on the programs that have a track record of producing the results that you are seeking.

3. Be OK with the learning curve

Once you have honed in on the proper program for your goals, realize that we are all very different in so many ways. Even though this is the right program for the results you are seeking, there is still a little trial and error involved it getting it to fit you, as an individual. The speed of your results may vary depending on things like your experience level, your current body composition, your diet, etc so give yourself the time it takes to refine and tweak. For example:
  • If you are a newbie to training in general, you may see different results than if you have been training for a while.
  • Diet is also a big part of the package. If you haven’t been eating according to your goals up to this point, it may take you some time to get your diet in alignment with your goals as well.
Your specific lifestyle and circumstances will affect the results, so be patient, and allow yourself the time it takes to get into the groove. This is where it helps to have some one-on-one guidance from an experienced fitness professional, especially if you are a newbie. Having the ability to ask questions and clarify further, really helped me to gain a better understanding of how to continue to take steps, even day by day, bit by bit, to learn how to live according to the goals that I set out for myself.

There is no wrong way

All of this being said… give yourself a break and chillax because there is no wrong way to get from where you are to where you want to be. I know that may sound strange to say, but each and every time I’ve done something that didn’t give me the results I was looking for, it helped me to more clearly decide what I really wanted. Without those experiences, I would not understand my body and my preferences as well as I do now. It can feel frustrating at times, but when you think about it like this, it can be kind of exciting, like an adventure, re-discovering yourself and your body in new, healthy ways. Changing your body for the better is a learning process, yet you don’t have to read every health and fitness book, blog, and forum, or try every program out there. You just have to know what you want and zero in on what aligns with those desires.
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