How To Stop Eating Sugar: More Tips

We can’t learn how to stop eating sugar if we are unaware of where the EXTRA sugar is hidden.

Americans are addicted to sugar. It’s true. I know, shocker! But I have to say, I think part of the reason why is because we are unaware. We can’t learn how to stop eating sugar if we are unaware of where the EXTRA sugar is hidden.

For example, the max intake of sugar for our dietary needs is 8 teaspoons, which is equivalent to one 12-ounce soda. Hmmm… something is wrong here. One soda and we’re maxed out already? Not good. Especially when many of us drink several a day! Kids too! But it’s true, EXTRA sugar is in everything, and the more we eat/drink it, the more we crave it. stop-eating-sugar1 Definitely not a healthy cycle to keep going. So how do we “fix” this? Simple. READ! Read labels, added sugar is everywhere. If we examine our current diet, I’d bet we’d find A TON of EXTRA sugar, even in healthy foods! There is added sugar is dried fruit, juice, yogurt, bread, cereal, bars, and even peanut butter. Yep. Crazy! But we can calm the crazy. We can reduce the sugar. It just takes focus, and like I said, a few extra moments to READ THE LABEL.

How to Stop Eating Sugar

Here are a few tips to reduce your sugar intake and well… KEEP IT REAL.
  • Look for dried fruits that are in their natural state, without any added sugar on the ingredients list.
  • Use unsweetened almond/coconut milk versus sweetened.
  • Buy plain yogurt and then add in fresh fruit to sweetened it, or cocoa powder!
  • Sweetened your water with fresh fruit and stevia instead of drinking the sugary flavored waters.
  • Make your own nut butters, no sugar needed. Cinnamon is also a great add in here.
  • Substitute bananas, apple sauce, and/or steviafor regular sugar in baked goods. Or use half the amount.
  • Buy dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.
  • Make sure your cereals/bars/granola have 10 grams or less of sugar per serving.
  • Make your own marinades instead of buying the ones off the shelf! Homemade ketchup can save you 4 grams per serving!!
  • Invest in a juicer! Yes, seriously, you can do so much with a juicer. It’s worth the extra $$.
Live Well 360 Note: A NutriBullet is also a great option. More to come on this in the future. stop-eating-sugar2 See, those are just a few easy tips to reduce your sugar intake. But you know what? The first step is to look at what’s in your food. What’s it made of and how much sugar is added? Take a look. Turn that snack around and check out the nutritional information. Cheers, LC For more on this topic from an emotional perspective, check out How To Stop Eating Sugar: Part 1.
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