I'm Katie Anne Rutherford, and This is How I Work Out

I'm Katie Anne Rutherford, and This is How I Work Out

Katie Anne is a raw powerlifter and natural figure pro from Columbus, Ohio. Katie most recently won the junior national title at USAPL raw nationals in the 72kg class. Katie has a background in finance and earlier this year transitioned to the role of entrepreneur. She runs her own personal training and consulting business. One of Katie’s passions is helping others find the same empowerment that she has through weight lifting and proper nutrition. We reached out to Katie Anne to find out how she works out and here's what she's shared with us.

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Name: Katie Anne

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Most of my workouts are powerlifting focused - with bodybuilding work added in accordingly to bring up my lagging areas for figure.

I have found the most significant results by focusing on compound lifts (for example: squat, bench and deadlift) and challenging my body frequently with the amount of weight I am able to lift.

Working out is truly my time away from it all and love feeling like an athlete every time I am at the gym. I place a huge emphasis on mobility and stretching and enjoy spending a substantial amount of time pre and post workout focusing recovery. It is important to be well-balanced and mobile for best injury prevention.

Although most of my workouts revolve around intense powerlifting and bodybuilding, I believe everyone should find a workout program that they LOVE. Fitness should be empowering and something that adds to your life, rather than detract from it. Find what you love and want to stick to in the long run. The most important factor for results is consistency, not perfection! Monday: Deadlifts, bench press, arms hypertrophy Tuesday: Squats, bench press, back & shoulders hypertrophy Wednesday: Arms & back hypertrophy Thursday: Squats and deadlifts + glute accessories Friday: Bench press, shoulders, back, and arms Saturday: Squat, bench press, glute accessories Sunday: Off or mobility work only

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