I'm Tracy Campoli, and This is How I Workout

I'm Tracy Campoli, and This is How I Workout

Tracy Campoli is a fun, sexy and hard-working woman from NYC who loves connecting with people around the world to celebrate a life worth living. Tracy's been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, as well as other print and television outlets. Tracy began her career as a professional dancer and soon after discovered her passion for Pilates and fitness. With nearly 20 years of experience in the wellness industry as a certified Pilates instructor, personal trainer and Holistic health and lifestyle coach, she has helped thousands of people look and feel their best... and today, she's here on the LIVE WELL 360 blog to share her workout plan with you.

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I get a workout in EVERY day! I believe that when you mix up your workouts you constantly challenge your body and you avoid boredom or hitting the dreaded "plateaus." Moving daily also creates a better relationship with your body so that you begin to feel the smaller daily changes. For example: increased stamina, flexibility and endurance. Not every day has to be a CRAZY challenging workout, I allow one or two days of less intense but still impactful workouts. My favorite workouts: Pilates, Rebounding on a mini-trampoline, dancing, HIIT and my workouts in Total Body Transformation. A typical week for me looks like: Monday: Pilates on the reformer Tuesday: Rebounding Wednesday: HIIT Thursday: Yoga or Pilates Friday: Kickboxing from Total Body Transformation Saturday: Dance class Sunday: whatever I like! Depending on how I feel it might be a HIIT workout, yoga or pilates. It is important to check in REALISTICALLY with yourself and notice if you are reaching your goals, looking and feeling good and that your workouts are challenging you. I HATE workout calendars because in my experience no one ever follows them and they do not take into account your fitness level, your injuries or limitations or your likes and dislikes. One size fits all doesn't work with fitness. That is why I create a TON of varied workouts for my clients to follow so that they are never bored and their bodies are always challenged. Accountability and community is essential for lasting success. Creating a body and life you love should be a fun process!
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