Mind over… Migraine?

Pain Relief Over Migraine & the Power of Positive Thinking

Pain… we all have it. Whether it’s the aching in your muscles after a tough workout, or the aching in your thoughts after a stressful day at work, or the aching in your heart after a heavy breakup, or that special type of transformational pain we experience at certain life junctures: like the aching in your soul for a healthier life... pain seems to be part and parcel to the human experience. It’s what we do with it that makes us into who we are.My relationship with pain began much like most people’s. I strove to avoid it. At the tender age of 7, I began experiencing headaches on a regular basis. My parents took me in for tests. Nothing was abnormal. So, my father, being a doctor, gave me medicine for the pain. Simple solution. I feel pain. I take medicine. I feel better. The problem was, my headaches only got worse as I got older. By the time I was a teenager, I was well accustomed to taking Excedrin migraine on a regular basis. I’d also found convenient ways to stop the other kinds of pain… emotional, social, mental, and spiritual. For instance, if I felt embarrassed or awkward at a party, I could pop a few beers and become the life of it! If I felt empty and angry, I could eat a slice of pizza and feel happy and full. Some of these habits formed consciously. Others were like surreptitious thieves in the night! They formed undercover without my even realizing it!

Pain & the Transformational Process

Now, none of this would have been a problem if I hadn’t eventually gotten to the point where I wanted to transform my life. It was then I discovered that pain was like this sticky mortar that held unconscious, negative or self destructive behavior patterns in place. If I really wanted… better health, improved relationships, a hot body, rocking finances, or whatever it was I was seeking in my life. I was going to have to face and find a new solution to pain, one that didn’t involve addictive or compulsive behavior and one that truly allowed me to be free to choose the reality I wanted in life! Enter: the power of positive thinking! In my studies of transformation and healing, I found that thoughts are very powerful little creators. They literally form the foundation of our reality! You have a thought, it triggers a feeling, which triggers an action, and overtime, creates your life. You want new results? Get new thoughts—Simple as that. But can positive thinking actually alleviate pain? Say, the way Excedrin migraine does, in 30 minutes or less? Interestingly enough, it actually can. I’m happy to say that for the first time last week, I successfully cured a headache I had with nothing more than focused intention and positive thoughts. Amazing!

Try it Yourself

Okay, now your turn. First of all, I want to give you the medical disclaimer here. This is not a substitution for medical help. Serious pain could be an indicator of life threatening conditions and you know the drill- get your butt to the doctor! But, if you want a holistic pain relief practice for the minor aches and pains of life, try this out for size: The next time you feel pain—emotional, mental or physical, try to become present to the source of the pain. Sit down, close your eyes, and breath deeply into the sensation in the body. Negative emotions and thoughts are also held in the body. Feel where that is. Dialogue a bit with that part of your body. Ask to be shown the lesson or the blessing in the pain. You may have some intuitive sense or guidance about what this is. Usually, it’s due to some avoidance pattern in our life. Reflect through your conscious attention and breath on this lesson and thank your body for showing you what it is. Then, give yourself a little blast of positive thinking. I like to start out with a celebratory “Yey! I choose to graduate!” (Make an authentic choice to change whatever that pattern is.) Then fill your body with love and gratitude. Say things like, “I love my head, brain, temples. I feel wonderful in my body. I feel amazing in my body! I choose to release this headache completely and totally. I am free. I choose to embrace life. I love myself and I love my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Continue with your breathing and positive thoughts until you feel the pain dissolve. You may have to work with several different affirmations, specific to the cause of the pain, for it to effectively release. This is an intuitive process. If practiced regularly, you will soon become very attuned to your body. You will quickly recognize when… say, a certain food you ate made you feel bad, or you need to establish a boundary with someone at work, or you need to take more time to relax, play, or whatever your body is indicating for that day! In this way, pain transforms our lives, and becomes a catalyst to our own awakening and empowerment.
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