Motivation: The Difference Between Fear and Passion

Motivation: The Difference Between Fear and Passion

Fear is a pretty powerful emotion. It will cause people to do things they would never typically be willing to do. The physical body is one area in particular where fear is often a huge motivator. People will put themselves in uncomfortable situations, push themselves beyond what they believe they are physically capable of, spend money they have, or even money they don’t have because of things they are scared of related to their body. Many people think that the fastest way to achieve your health, fitness, and body goals is to use fear. Yet, I believe there is something that is far more powerful than fear. Passion.

Motivation | A shift in how you think

There is a huge difference between doing something because of fear and doing something because of passion. This may seem odd or even like it might be difficult to think about exercise, healthy food, etc with passion, but it’s really not. In order to be able to think about these topics and feel passion for them, you’ve just got to let go of a few preconceived notions. First, if you look at exercise as something that you get to do, rather than something you have to do, your feelings about doing it shift considerably. You get to move your body. You have the ability to move! You have legs, arms, lungs, a pumping heart. Exercise is such a gift, and when you stop to acknowledge how fantastic it is that you can do these things, it doesn’t feel nearly as un-fun. Next, rather than setting a goal and then scaring your way into reaching it by thinking about all the stuff that would be really bad if you didn’t reach it, instead spend your time imagining what it will be like when you do reach it. Again, this offers a totally different feeling.

Short-term versus long-term results

Fear is a very short-term solution. Yes, you may be willing to do things because you are scared of what might happen if you don’t, but this type of motivation really doesn’t last that long. When you take action out of fear, you may reach the goal, but the chances of keeping up the new habits and lifestyle over the long-term are very slim. Plus, is that a very rewarding way to live your life? Fear takes it toll on you over time, and while it might motivate you in the beginning, after a while it becomes an energy zapper. You become numb to it. It loses its power and you stop caring. But passion is like the Energizer bunny. When you take action out of a feeling of passion, you have a never-ending source of energy moving you toward that goal. Then, you reach that goal, and suddenly you set a new one! You are inspired and full of life when you feel passionate about whatever you are doing.


Health and fitness can, and should be, fun! If you take some time to find out how to get passionate about your health and fitness, you are doing yourself a huge favor, and are setting yourself up for long-term success. Do you agree or disagree? Share your comments and questions below.
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