Multiple Utility Yoga Mat Bag

Sometimes, when a bag is given a specific use designation, like yoga mat bag, then that limits it. People who are not interested in yoga may not consider the bag. That is not the sign of a good bag at all. When you want to buy a great gym bag, the last thing you want is one that limits what it can be used for in any way. A multiple utility yoga mat bag can be used for anything, by anyone, without regret. What should a multiple use gym bag offer? First of all, the bag should be able to take the purchaser from home to work, to school, and then to gym or studio, and home again afterwards. That’s what a busy woman does need to do in a day. A multiple utility bag looks stylish all day, and never out of place anywhere. Generally, a yoga mat bag is a gym bag that has straps on the outside, or a side compartment to carry yoga mat, as some do need to include a mat in their needed items. Yoga mats can be hard to carry around, however. There are other items needed in a yoga class, also, such as straps or bricks that can be awkward to carry. A yoga mat bag includes space to easily work those items in with everything else that is needed in a day, such as keys, water, lunch, books, electronics, shoes, and a change of clothes for sports. Anyone who is packing all of this for a day knows the importance of compartments that keep everything neat and separate, and of course easily accessible. That’s the reason for a great bag. It’s great inside and on the outside. On the outside, a multiple use bag should be strong, durable, and easy to clean. The best ones to match everything all day are a neutral color, like basic black or dark grey. Lots of pockets and padded compartments on the outside are useful, too, because if the bag has separate purposes for the whole day, then it is best if everything has a place. No one wants to be searching through gym clothes looking for keys, quarters, or bus passes. If items need to be retrieved, it’s best to have them in their space. Most of us carry electronics with us through the day, such as a laptop or iPad, so it’s essential that those be somewhere safe inside the bag. A great multi-use yoga mat bag has padded, zippered compartments on the side to easily put jewelry, keys, or a phone. On the inside, there should be zippered compartments and separations as well, for the same reasons. And even though the exterior of the bag may be a neutral color, it is nice to have the inside liner and compartments be a bit jauntier. Dark inside and dark outside is not fun, and it makes finding things difficult. The Accel meets all these needs, and that is why it is one of Live Well 360’s most popular multi-purpose yoga mat bags. It’s perfect for whatever you need it for. Oh, and if you don’t need to carry a yoga mat around, then the straps where the mat would go can easily be used to carry a jacket.
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