My Boyfriend's Backpack is Better Than Yours

My Boyfriend's Backpack is Better Than Yours

Dear LIVE WELL 360, The BACKPACK - LIVE WELL 360I wanted to send this little love note in as I thought you might really enjoy the conversation that I had with my boyfriend tonight. As we headed home from the gym, we chatted about how awesome it is to have gym bags and gear that work really well for our busy lifestyles. My boyfriend has the LUXX, as well as the BACKPACK, and he really seems to enjoy both for their versatility and design. So, I grilled him about his BACKPACK to understand more about his obsession so that I could relay that information to you! We jokingly called our conversation “reasons that my boyfriend’s backpack is better than yours” because… it is!

1. It’s Well-Engineered

It’s worth mentioning that my boyfriend geeks out big time on well-made products (he’s an engineer!) So, it was no surprise when he said that he loved the BACKPACK because it was really well crafted. He loves when a company thinks about their customer and creates a product that really works. For him, he loved the well-made, heavy duty straps and the material of the bag. It’s solid.

2. Big Enough Without Being Complicated

He loves that the BACKPACK is big enough to hold all of his gear without complicating the bag with endless pockets and compartments. He also loves that the bag is big enough to have a dirty laundry bag. He uses this feature daily as he really hates unpacking and repacking his bag every day. He’d prefer to pack the bag for a week and empty it out when needed.

3. It’s a Lifestyle Bag

Even though he doesn’t love a complicated bag, he appreciates when a company adds the right amount of pockets to a bag to make it useful. With the compartments in the BACKPACK, he has enough space to throw his laptop, cellphone, keys and more in the bag without losing track of his stuff. b8ea17bd-dc60-491e-8892-76c27f72b528

4. The Structure & The Color

While other bags will be able to match the color, few will be able to match the structure of the BACKPACK. The bag is designed to be useful, streamlined and suits either a feminine or masculine frame. The color was also important to him as he prefers toned down neutrals without a lot of flash. This bag delivers all of that and more. So, all that to say… thank you! We really appreciate your bags and I am fairly certain that I’m going to find a LIVE WELL 360 bag under the tree this year… for me! xo Amy in Iowa boyfriend-gift-livewell360
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