My Search For the Perfect Fitness Bag

My Search For the Perfect Fitness Bag

tfrydw6ir2d58sador1w My search for the perfect fitness bag is a quest that I have been on throughout my 10 year trek through the fitness world. I have found that many items factor into the making of what I would consider to be the perfect fitness bag. You would think that this is not that big of a deal, that any duffle bag would really do, but when you are the type to pack a bag the night before, so that you are ready to head to the gym in the morning, and then off to work from there, a great fitness bag really is an integral part of the equation. Along my journey I have had all sorts of bags, dozens in fact. I have had both a bag that was way too big and things jangled about inside, and I have also had the bag where I had to use all my might to squeeze it shut, praying all the while that the zipper didn’t bust open...which it often did. I have had the bag where anything and everything somehow gets sucked into the fifth dimension as soon as it enters, only to be found once all contents have been removed, and at least 15 minutes of searching had passed. I have had bags that hurt while on my shoulder, bags where the zipper falls off after only a few uses (this was a high end bag too), bags that looked dirty and dingy after a week of use... I could go on and on. Through this quest for the perfect fitness bag, I have been able to compile a wish list of sorts, for what I envision the perfect fitness bag to stand for. I thought I would share my list with you, and see if you have any items that you would like to add as well.

My Perfect Fitness Bag

  • Dual Purpose. The bag should be dual purposing, for I would like to use this bag as a carry-on bag of sorts. Now that all the airlines are charging for checked baggage, I am going to do everything in my power to limit my packing to...ONE...CARRY-ON...BAG. Yes, I said it. I don’t know how, but I am determined. And once I set my mind to something, oh man, there is no stopping me.
  • Size Does Matter. I want this bag to be not too big, but not too small. Just right. Hence my dilemma explained above above.
  • Family Jewels. I have to have a special, protected place to put my jewelry, so that it doesn’t get all tangled. I can’t even tell you how many times I have spent hours untangling my favorite necklaces, using a pin. For a while, I hung my necklaces on the hanger, when I would bring a suit jacket to the gym, but who wants to leave their jewelry just hanging out in the locker room when they are working out? I would feel much more comfortable knowing it was safe and secure, in a nice little fleece lined pouch.
  • Product Storage. The bag should also have pockets for my hair products, perfume, and other bottles so that they are not haphazardly strewn about in the bag.
  • iPod. I want to be able to get to my iPod quickly, without having to search throughout the interior of the bag. Efficiency is definitely key for me.
  • Shoes. The bag has to have a separate compartment for my shoes, away from the rest of the goods. I mean, who wants the bottoms of their shoes touching their favorite sweater? Ew.
  • Water Bottle Storage. There should be an exterior, easy access pocket for my water bottle, in a position where I can reach it easily while it is on my shoulder or when the bag is sitting on a bench.
  • Durability. It should be made from heavy duty materials that look good AND last, and the zippers should be able to handle me stuffing the bag full.
  • Style. Last but not least, this bag should look awesome whether I am using it while wearing a suit or yoga pants, very hip and also, I want it to scream, “Let’s go workout!” at me. It should be like my own personal cheerleader.
So this is what I have so far on my list. Do you have anything to add? The Solution: Check out our full line of fitness bags, designed out of our own search for the perfect bag!
For the final results of this search for the ultimate fitness bag, check out the Live Well 360 Core
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