Need Motivation? Reward Your Way to Better Health!

Need Motivation? Getting started can be a little easier when you have a reward to work towards!

The toughest part of starting or continuing on the path to a fit and healthy life is just beginning. Stepping out the door to go to the gym can be the hardest part of the battle. Anyone who has tried to start or stick to a new workout plan knows that.

What do we need?

We need motivation.

How do we usually find it?

Perhaps through a little reward!? We deserve it if we worked hard today, got to the gym on-time, completed even the very last rep of the very last set of the very last exercise. Rewards do work for motivation, in fact, that external type of motivation, known as extrinsic motivation, can often lead to the intrinsic type: when we do something because IT is the reward. That is the day we all dream of: when getting to the gym is the reward itself! “I can’t wait to do 50 mountain climbers, 4 times, with 30 seconds of rest in between!” Or better yet: “I can’t wait to get home; I’ve got a massive bowl of raw broccoli calling me!” Okay so it’s not that easy. I don’t think I have ever heard either of the above two comments. We all know that it’s not that simple, otherwise we would all be fit and healthy without the rewards we give ourselves.

What are your rewards?

If images of an entire chocolate cake and a 1L container of vanilla ice-cream float across your mind, stop! Ask yourself what about the gym makes you feel good. Are you really strong at one exercise: feeling like a beach ready, all knowing fitness pro when you complete it? Or maybe it is just that the view from the bike in the cardio section lets you people watch the people coming out of the pizza pit at 3 in the afternoon. Whatever these positive parts of your workout are, build off of them to get yourself in the gym tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day! “If I get to the gym by six then I will do an upper body workout today, because they are my favorite.” “If I stay away from the cookie aisle at the grocery store, I’ll make my favorite vegetable stir fry tonight with the Thai peanut sauce!” Starting to think like this can start a shift in your whole outlook on going to the gym and eating healthy. Instead of healthy acts being something you HAVE to do to get a bite of chocolate cake; these acts will just simply become what you do.

What you do defines who you are

Before you know it you will be going to the gym because it is what you do. Your rewards will fit with who you are: a healthy, positive guy/gal, with a lifestyle to prove it. If your goal is health, don’t sabotage that goal with rewards that make it harder to obtain! Give this a try instead: reward your healthy behavior, with healthy behavior, and enjoy the benefits of higher energy, confidence, and a positive attitude toward health that you just can’t seem to shake!
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